The best miniseries of 2022 (according to Stephen King) to devour in a weekend +2023

It’s all about miniseries, because although we love series with several seasons like stranger thingswhich allows us to think a thousand times about crazy theories about what will happen in the fifth seasonwe also like to see something with a clear beginning and end, like a long movie divided into chapters.

And although we are looking forward to seeing the series and movies that will be released in 2023and we love to remember, for example, what are best miniseries on netflixthis time we will change the platform to discover the one that, According to Stephen King, it is the best miniseries of the year..

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After the hurricane, the best miniseries according to Stephen King

Created by John Ridley and Carlton Cuse and starring Vera Farmiga, this series has become one of the best miniseries of 2022. A medical drama that has little to do with Grey’s Anatomyand that in the words of Stephen King “is the best miniseries of 2022.”

On August 29, 2005, at 6:10 a.m., Hurricane Katrina made landfall in the state of Louisiana. Strong winds and rain hit the states of Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida, but the worst part was taken by New Orleans when 80% of the city was flooded. In some areas the water reached a height of six meters. 1800 people lost their lives. In just two hours, this natural disaster engulfed the city, and it is exactly what happened after this that the miniseries tells us.

Without electricity, with the water rising and with the medical staff at the Memorial Medical Center in New Orleans having to make decisions that seem impossible to us, the series based on real events transports us to 2005, specifically to thefive days after the disaster and he does it in a masterful, intense and very real way. Terrifyingly real.

It is not an easy series, it is in fact a heartbreaking series without falling into melodrama and plunging us into the absolute chaos that occurred after Hurricane Katrina, the most destructive in US history. An eight-episode miniseries that adapts the book by journalist Sheri Fink and in which all the characters and situations that appear occurred in real life.

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The series, which can be seen at AppleTV+It is a true marvel, one of those Rare avis that we are in the middle of so much content and that it has gone more unnoticed than it should because it is brilliant.

Luckily good old Stephen King is always attentive and willing to recommend little gems that we overlook, as he did with the Netflix movie we watched on Halloween. A perfect plan for a winter afternoon.

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