The Best Man: The Final Chapters |  Trailer, release date


The Best Man: The Final Chapters | Trailer, release date +2023

It’s the beginning of the end of an era for the Best Man franchise. Our beloved group of friends – Harper (Taye Diggs), Lance (Morris Chestnut), Jordan (Nia Long), Robyn (Sanaa Lathan), Shelby (Melissa De Sousa), Quentin (Terrence Howard), Candace (Regina Hall) and Murch (Harold Perrineau) — has come a long way from the wedding that almost didn’t happen in the 1999 film and their eventful Christmas extravaganza in 2013’s ‘The Best Man Holiday.’ Now, over two decades later, Peacock is wrapping up the book on the ’90s cult classic in a limited series titled The Best Man: The Final Chapters, which catches up with the cast one last time as they explore evolving relationships and past Coped with grievances in her older years.

According to the series’ first teaser trailer, released Oct. 29, the upcoming series is closing in on the franchise and its cast as Harper’s infamous best-seller, Unfinished Business, will receive a film adaptation. Additionally, the crew will explore how much they’ve changed over the past 20 years, as the “unpredictable phases of midlife crisis meet midlife renaissance,” as the show’s logline states. In the official trailer, released on November 30, longtime bachelor Quentin tells the group he’s getting married soon, and gets the rest of the group to consider where they are in their lives.

Created by Malcolm D. Lee (who also created the films in the franchise), The Best Man: The Final Chapters is an eight-part series that will debut this winter, just in time for Christmas. Lee serves as co-showrunner and executive producer for the limited series alongside Dayna Lynne North (“Insecure”), both of whom are excited to give this cherished classic a fitting send-off.

“Fans of the franchise have kept asking me (and the all-star cast) when are we going to tell them what happened to this group of friends? And what better way to do that than to give them what they want (and more) in a limited series,” Lee said in a press statement. “Given the moment we’re in, this is the perfect time to to revisit Harper, Lance, Murch, Quentin, Jordan, Robyn, Candace and Shelby and take them on a wild, emotional and hilarious ride as they grapple with their own journeys through parenthood, activism, old love, new love and the complexities of being black in 21st century America.”

Discussing the show’s storyline, which comes full circle, North said in a statement, “The adaptation of ‘Unfinished Business’ organically connects the entire crew and fulfills delicious fun and suspense as we see the consequences and unintended consequences of Harper’s decision was me.” It’s also important not only to expand the series’ POV to include more of the female characters’ perspective, but also to address issues of gender and identity. I’m proud to be a part of helping these stories and characters move forward.”

In advance, read everything we know about The Best Man: The Final Chapters, including the release date.

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