The best gifts for 13 year olds | 2022 +2023

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Turning 13 is a big milestone, and with this newly minted teenage status, your child is likely to develop a variety of new interests while also holding on to some of the things they loved growing up. Whether you’re a parent, family member, or friend of a 13-year-old, you know this is such an exciting time in their life that you can see them grow and embrace their personality like never before — but it can be difficult also the knowledge exactly what they are into, especially as they head into the holiday shopping season.

Finding a gift that will spark excitement in any teen can be difficult enough, but 13-year-olds pose a special kind of challenge. Luckily, you can fuel their older interests with “cool” things that they and their teenage friends would love , while also honoring the new and exciting things they discover a passion for. If you’re totally lost on both fronts, we’ve got you covered. As shopping experts, we know exactly what products are popular right now and what those notoriously picky 13-year-olds are likely to have on their holiday wish-list this year – and we’re here to help you find a great Christmas present that will show your status as strengthen cool family member.

From bean bags and Polaroid cameras to fruity lip glosses, a mini-golf pad and even classically cool sneakers like a pair of plaid Vans, find the best gifts for 13-year-olds below.

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