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At the end of the summer we saw how Camila Cabello opted for a new hair color, thus leaving her dark brown behind to go on to a lighter brown. A hair color that she continues to maintain and that she has enhanced with wicks money piece that you They bring a lot of light and soften the features. But now Camila has wanted to go a step further, and she has launched with a new long hair, specifically a super stylish midi cut and that has a rejuvenating effect.

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The singer has already anticipated the trends and has chosen one of the haircuts that we will see the most in 2023. It is about a straight medium length hair to the shouldersaccompanied by a very flattering curtain bangs and that she has worn to one side.

The coolest thing about medium length hair is that many can be done hairstyles, for something they are considered the most versatile. In the case of Camila, we have seen how she opted for a semi-updo with a high ponytail to show off this new haircutand we can only say that we liked the result very much.

In addition, we already know that bob and long midi hair rejuvenates a lot and just that effect of refreshing the image is what Cabello has achieved with its flattering hair.

Photos | Gtres, @patrickta, @dimitrishair

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