The beard itches?  Causes & 7 tips that really help

The beard itches? Causes & 7 tips that really help +2023

BArtitching is very uncomfortable. It’s not just that the scratching itself is annoying – dandruff and dry skin are usually also a side effect. In addition, there are also skin diseases that can trigger the unpleasant symptom. We’ll show you how to quickly get rid of this annoying problem.

Causes: why does the beard itch?

The causes of an itchy beard can be varied:

  • The beard grows: Are you growing a beard for the first time and at some point it starts to itch? Here we can give you the all clear, because that is quite normal. The skin first has to get used to the new hair. Furthermore, the hair is still relatively short and frizzy, which is why it pricks your skin and causes irritation. However, the itching goes away on its own after a few weeks. Beard oil and a bit of beard pomade are the best things to start with.
  • Bacteria and fungi: Fungi and bacteria can lead to a range of symptoms. Yeast fungi in particular, which occur naturally on the skin in small amounts, can take over and multiply too much. Then it comes to extreme dandruff and itching. But other diseases such as psoriasis can also develop in the beard region.
  • Particularly dry skin and whiskers: Do you know that feeling when your facial skin is particularly dry, tight and starts to itch? This happens much more often with the beard because the skin under the beard hair hardly comes into contact with air and is only poorly supplied with moisture. In addition, the wrong care can also lead to dry skin (more on this later). By the way, dry skin is one of the most common triggers for an itchy beard.
  • allergies: Allergies can also cause itching. Care products often contain substances to which the skin reacts. For example, perfume is an ingredient that can cause skin reactions such as rashes and itching.
  • Too much maintenance: Our skin has pores — when they get clogged, it can cause itching. Beard oil and other care products in particular should only be used in moderation. In addition, cleaning the beard and skin is often a factor that causes itching (more on this later).

Proper care for the skin and beard

Due to the dense whiskers, the skin underneath is particularly stressed because it gets little oxygen and moisture, which quickly becomes too much dandruff, dry skin and itching leads. This is where beard oil comes in.

Beard oil is made up of different oils that keep the beard hair supple and, above all, care for and moisturize the skin underneath. In addition, some of the oils used also have an antibacterial effect, which also benefits the skin.

The first step is to use a good beard oil every day.

Our beard oil recommendation

beard oil

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Properties from our test:

  • Male fresh smell
  • Very good care effect
  • Lasts particularly long
  • Pipette for dosing

We have dedicated a completely separate article to the topic of beard care and beard oil, in which you can read everything in detail. You will find this here.

Wash the beard properly

Dry skin is favored by different circumstances. one of the am most common mistakes made is washing the beard incorrectly, because shampoo and hot water dry out the skin.

Especially Shampoo has a strong degreasing effect and removes the skin’s natural sebum layer. However, sebum is normally important for skin care and hydration.

So here applies: Less is more. In order not to dry out the skin and thus not cause itching, you should only trim your beard Wash with shampoo 2 to 3 times a week. In addition, you should use special beard shampoo, as it has a less degreasing effect than the shampoo for the head and thus preserves the protective layer.

For daily routine, lukewarm water is sufficient.

The right care products

Everyone’s skin has a lot individual characteristics: In some people it is particularly dry, while others have more oily skin. Incidentally, the same applies to the whiskers — they can be particularly dry, hard or greasy.

It is therefore important to find the right care products for your personal needs.

Sometimes it happens, for example, that beard oil is very watery and absorbs quickly. It does not supply the skin and beard hair with moisture throughout the day, which quickly leads to unpleasant itching of the beard.

Try some tools here. In our Beard care items we give you many recommendations that we have personally tested over a longer period of time.

Brush the beard

Beard hairs tend to curl up, especially when they’re shorter, and can prick your skin, causing itching as well. In addition, hair that has fallen out and dandruff in the beard can also itch because they are perceived as foreign bodies.

A simple brush will help here regular combingto detangle hair, remove excess and style it.

You can also work in some beard pomade with a brush – this ensures a better and smooth hold without pricking the hair.

Particularly stubborn itching and dandruff

Your itching is particularly bad, is it accompanied by severe dandruff and sometimes the skin even bleeds? Dry skin is usually not the trigger here, but the result of one skin diseasefrom bacteria or mushrooms. In such cases, you should definitely have one Consult a dermatologist. This can determine exactly which fungus or which bacteria it is.

But don’t worry: A special shampoo will usually be prescribed for you and the issue will be resolved within a few weeks.

Avoid bacteria

As mentioned before, bacteria can also cause itching and skin diseases, so you should avoid them in your beard. Because the beard and the skin underneath are particularly susceptible, as they form the perfect breeding ground for germs with their moisture, fat and dander.

Here it is important to let as few bacteria as possible on the beard. One of most common carrier are by the way your hands, because with these you often accidentally touch your beard. So make sure to keep your hands away from your face and always wash them thoroughly and regularly.

By the way: Even if it is difficult, you should avoid scratching despite an itchy beard, because this usually makes the problem worse. Your skin is already irritated and, in the worst case, can be injured by your fingernails, which clears the way for pathogens into the lower layers of the skin.


Despite the right care, the itching doesn’t want to go away? Then you should get your care products and their ingredients take a closer look. Often care products are provided with very complex ingredients and perfume that some people skin reactions such as can cause a rash.

Here you should try around and your care products for Replace every 2 to 4 weeks or even do without them completely. You can during this time base oil Mix together without many additives, which meets the basic needs. For this you only need 15 ml almond oil and 15 ml argan oil — you can get these oils in health food stores and they are often also a component of purchased beard oils.

Frequently asked questions at a glance

Why is the beard itchy?

The causes of beard itching at a glance:

  • The beard grows
  • bacteria and fungi
  • Particularly dry skin and whiskers
  • allergies
  • Wrong care
  • Why does the beard itch when it grows?

    The beard itches especially in the initial growth phase. This is because the skin has to get used to the hair. In addition, the hair curls very much in the beginning, which causes it to prick the skin.

    Why does the beard hurt?

    The beard itself does not hurt – the cause lies in the skin. It is often irritated and can also become inflamed. Scratching makes the problem even worse, as it is easy to injure the skin with your fingernails.

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