The animal law hoax about beggars with dogs that everyone believes to be true +2023

The new Animal Welfare Law is designed so that our pets have a better quality of life and reduce the brutal rates of abandonment in Spain. Thats why he Hoax that runs about fines for beggars with dogs it’s absolutely ridiculous.

What should I do if I have a 'prohibited pet' at home by the Animal Welfare Law

One of the fake news most widespread by those who oppose these animal regulations is that Homeless people will be fined for begging with their dog with amounts up to 10,000 euros. Totally false news and taken out of context that we explain today.

Dogs Beggars Law Fine

What the law prohibits is the use of pets and wild animals in captivity on an itinerant basis, as a claim or by begging using them. here is important emphasize “use”which is not the same as being accompanied by them.

Let’s not forget that the objective of this law is to reduce abandonment. For this reason, these dogs that already have owners will not be fined or removed by the authorities. Of course, let’s not forget that they and their owners live on the street and winter can be very harsh. That’s why we can help you donating warm clothes and blankets to warm up, in addition to helping animal protectors.

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