The actress from the Netflix hit series Wednesday is a kpop fan – find out who she is +2023

The kpop wave has not only spread across the world; it was a tsunami that hit us everywhere. Something about celebrities being fans of other celebrities is as delightful as eating your favorite snack. Especially for kpop fans, the sight is particularly heartwarming considering how idols from other countries have had to struggle to get the same recognition that western artists have long received. And as we move towards 2022, the famous WWE wrestler finally got the answer to “CAN YOU SEE ME?” if the way he is showered with love by the kpop community for being a fan is something to walk past.

Not just John Cena, but Loki Actor Tom Hiddleston and Dead Pool Actor Ryan Reynolds are big kpop enthusiasts. And alongside Oscar-winning actress Emma Stone is Emma Myers, who stole our hearts for her mesmerizing portrayal of Enid Sinclair on Netflix Wednesday. The actress’ love for kpop has made her an icon among fans. While she follows everyone from BTS to GOT7, the Wednesday The actress has named another group as her favorite.

Which Kpop Idol Is Emma Myers In Love With?

The latest version of Netflix, Wednesday blessed us all with not just one, but two teen icons. The series proved to be a blockbuster for the OTT mogul, even breaking records set by the streamer’s flagship series stranger things. Aside from the cinematography and brilliant direction by Tim Burton, fans loved the banter between Wednesday Addams and her roommate and eventual best friend, Enid Sinclair. And considering Wednesday Addams is allergic to colors, she gets along surprisingly well with Enid.

The actress garnered attention not only with her phenomenal performance but also with her love for kpop.

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Jump on the trend of sharing your Spotify Wrapped, the Wednesday Actress shared her top 5 artists. And HYBE entertainment boy band Seventeen was No. 1.

The popular kpop boy band consists of thirteen members, but Jeonghan is their preference. Emma Myers confessed to Teen Vogue that she had a sticker of Jeonghan on her phone when she attended the 2020 concert and “I never took it out‘, spoken like a real Carat, we must say. One fine evening, Emma Myers stumbled upon a seventeen meme and then she threw herself down the rabbit hole that is kpop. Check if she represents all the carats with her rose quartz and serenity highlights Wednesday.

Did you know that iconic cello scene from Wednesday was inspired by a Taemin song? Let us know in the comments below.

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