The 7 biggest revelations from Netflix’s Harry & Meghan documentary series


The 7 biggest revelations from Netflix’s Harry & Meghan documentary series +2023

Aside from tracing their love story, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix docuseries – the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – offer key details about their years as working royals, as well as their family backgrounds. Below we summarize seven of the most important revelations Harry & MeganThe first three episodes.

Meghan is open about how her multiracial identity has shaped her

In one of the strongest moments of the three episodes, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex can be seen at the NAACP Awards, with the camera panning to Meghan Markle’s mother, Doria Ragland, who nods her head emotionally after a hint of the trauma caused by the murder by George Floyd. According to Meghan, it was Doria who first had to point out how much racism her marriage into the royal family would incite – a fact the Duchess understandably didn’t want to address at first.

Meghan also notes that “most people haven’t treated [her] like a black woman” prior to her relationship with Harry and considers the complications that come with being of mixed race in general. “In my self-identification, I was trying so hard to figure out where I fit in,” she muses. “I think a lot of it is that you’re not white enough or you’re not black enough. But that’s not how I see the world.”

The Duke has an interesting perspective on Diana, Princess of Wales now notorious panorama interview

“I think she had a lived experience of how she was struggling. She lived this life and felt compelled to talk about it – especially about it panorama Interview,” says Harry after showing footage of Diana trying to protect her children from the press while on a skiing holiday. (“As a parent, could I ask you to respect my children’s space?” says the late king, while covering the lens of a video camera in one particularly heartbreaking segment. “Because I brought the kids here for a vacation, and that would we really appreciate the space… As a parent I want to protect the kids thank you.” “I think we all know now that she was deceived into giving the interview – but at the same time she was telling the truth about her experience” , adds Harry.


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Netflix The crown‘s season 5 reimagining of Princess Diana’s 1995 panorama interview

The horrific press intrusion the Duchess faced is detailed

After recounting some of her earliest interactions with the paparazzi, Meghan explains, “My house was just surrounded, just men sitting in their cars all the time waiting for me to do anything… All of a sudden it was like everything was in mine Life just like that has become a lot lonelier. Just as all the curtains were drawn, all the blinds were drawn. It was scary. My face was everywhere. My life was everywhere. Tabloids had taken over everything.”

The press began banging on the doors of their Toronto neighbors, and even reportedly paid a neighbor to install a livestream camera – while production assistants were on suits were offered bribes for call sheets to find out when Megan was filming. “It started to feel a little dangerous for her,” recalls producer Silver Tree. “At some point we had to lock up all the followers. And that was really logistically challenging because she was on a TV show and her nature is not to make it difficult for anyone. But I don’t think anyone knew how to deal with this new normal.”

Harry had to give Meghan a crash course in royal life

referencing The Princess Diaries, Meghan says she never had any formal training when it came to being a member of the royal family – she resorted to learning the national anthem via Google. “My grandmother was the first high-ranking family member that Meghan met,” Harry recalls. “[Meghan] had no idea what it was all about, so for her it was a bit of a shock to the system… How do you explain bowing to your grandmother? And that you have to curtsey. Especially for an American. That’s weird.”

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