The 3 bangs that will take this autumn and you will ask your hairdresser +2023

Bangs have become the haircut that has the power to change our projection of the face and highlight our features, and they are the trending hair look most wanted. However, there are three types of bangs that will be the ones to take this fall and that you can choose for your next look change according to your traits or your tastes and preferences.

Baby bangs bangs (blanca surez)

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Blanca Suárez does not stop impressing us with her bangs every season and this fall she does it with a shorter one.GTres Online.

Blanca Suárez has spent several months with one of those who will be the autumn bangs. We are talking about baby bangs “a fringe whose length is shorter and that provides a sensation of irregularity when combing and cutting it. This type of bangs requires a meticulous maintenancegoing to the hairdresser every three weeks so that the cut is perfectly messy” the hairdresser’s experts explain to us carrera wheel. And as the stylist also assures us eduardo sanchezdirector of the Maison Eduardo Sanchez“You always have to cut it in the middle of the forehead and parade the ends. In this way, it gives movement and a fresher aspect to the look.”

Who favors? It is important not to have too narrow a forehead or a round face when wearing it and it especially favors angular and oval faces.

Sara Carbonero’s curtain bangs

Another of the most versatile and flattering bangs for all types of faces is the one that looks Sarah Carbonero, a curtain fringe that usually maintains a length that reveals the eyes and an inverted and open “V” that exceeds the eyelashes. “The trick is to comb the ends inwards, getting that retro touch of the 60s and 70s with which the volume of the hair is increased with a fluffy finish”, comments raphael good of Rafael Bueno Hairdressers.

Who favors? feel good at long facesheart-shaped and especially at oval. In the case of wide foreheads, angular faces and very long faces, it could look good, but the particular case must be studied and other details such as the nose or hair type must be taken into account.

Nicola Peltz’s wispy bangs

Nicola Peltz with blunt or wispy bangs on her new chaste hair

Nicola Peltz with blunt or wispy bangs on her new brown hair.GTres Online.

And among the most original bangs to wear this fall, the wispy bangs or with blunt effect. He is the one who looks now Nicola Peltz and she looks wonderful. Another of its keys to make it more flattering is that it exposes a part of the forehead and that it is cut with a soft parade that leaves the sides longer to stylize the features.

Who favors? The faces that best fit are squares and heart-shaped because it makes the eyes stand out.

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