The 15 best pastry shops in Madrid +2023

If you are a person who loves to sweeten life, Madrid hides different pastry shops to buy the best sweets and enjoy snacks or breakfasts more chic or the more traditional. We suggest a route through these 15 pastry shops in Madrid to bring out your sweetest side.

Specialized in cakes, chocolates, roscones de reyes, lemon cake or macarons, you cannot miss these proposals to treat yourself and have the most delicious desserts. You will not regret visiting them!

Gourmet palmeritas, the fashionable sweets in Madrid that aspire to become the new manolitos

Moulin Chocolat

Moulin Chocolat

If you are a chocoholic, Moulin Chocolat it’s your bakery This is a Spanish but French-inspired pastry shop where almost everything has chocolate. The workshop has chocolate from the French brand valrhona and its delicious elaborations are made from chocolates. They also highlight their macarons a delight! and you can’t miss their roscón de Reyes.

  • Address: Calle de Alcalá, 77

Alex Cordobes

In Alex Cordobes you will find the most desired cheesecake in Madrid, and also with a waiting list. Yes, this cake, which is addictive, is made of cheese but with different flavors: chocolate, Belgian chocolate, pistachio, traditional cheese, white chocolate… a delight for the palate. Part of the success of your cake lies in the ingredients: black leg eggs from Cobardes y Gallinas, excellent butter and cheeses from small suppliers.

  • Address: Calle Velázquez, 60
  • Address: Calle Comunidad de Madrid, 41, Local 106. Las Rozas de Madrid.



Balbisinana It is the luxury pastry shop where you can find the richest and most varied mini tartlets in the capital, ideal for snacks or breakfast. They also have large cakes to take away, artisan proposals with all kinds of ingredients, specializing in strawberry cakes, gluten-free cakes, lactose-free cakes and 0% sugar. Paula Babiano is the creator of Balbisiana and, of course, responsible for the ideal decoration of the entire place.

  • Address: Calle de Velázquez, 55

House Kayser

House Kayser

Paris awaits you closer than you think. Artisanal French pastry where you can taste croissants, baguettes, macarons, eclairs, exquisite breakfasts and bread, are some of the proposals that you can find in House Kayser, the pastry shop led by Eric Kayser, an eminence of French bakeries and pastry shops.

  • Address: Calle de Velázquez, 126

the bow tie

the bow tie It is the oldest chocolate shop in Madrid, founded in 1852 in Puerta del Sol, with the workshop under the store. A traditional space that is worth visiting. Its specialty is candies with 17 flavors (the lifelong violet ones) and artisan chocolates, the richest in Madrid.

  • Address: Calle de Villanueva, 14



If you like lemon tart, motteau it’s your bakery There you can taste a fantastic lemon meringue pie made by the Argentine Juan D’Alessandro, who also proposes sweets from classic French recipes such as black beer tart or alfjores stuffed with dulce de leche.

  • Address: Calle de San Pedro, 9

Pastry shops Majorca

Sweet Table 2

I admit that it is my favorite pastry shop when we talk about cupcakes. They are a real delight! Pastry shops Majorca It is one of the historical establishments of Madrid. On October 31, 1931, he opened his first store to the public on Bravo Murillo street with ensaimadas as the star product, now you can find everything. Sweet and salty. As far as pastry shops are concerned, you will find all kinds of sweets, in addition to the typical ones corresponding to each season of the year (roscones, huesos de santo, rosquillas, buñuelos) and all with a wide variety of flavors. The pastries are delicious and the Christmas logs are a delight for the palate.

Some of its stores:

  • Velázquez Street, 59
  • Bravo Murillo Street, 7
  • Serrano Street, 6

the duchess

the duchess

Founded in 1914, this legendary pastry shop has been renewed thanks to Oriol Balaguer. His specialty are chocolates made with the best cocoa and the takeaway cupcakes, always being faithful to the tradition of this century-old brand. But you can find everything, from seasonal cakes and desserts, to artisan pastries. Its decoration is vintage, preserving all the iconic elements of this cozy place. On the façade the central engraving of “fine chocolates and candies” is maintained, while inside the counters, the wooden showcases, mirrors and the lamp located in the center of the establishment, all from the beginning of the century.

  • Address: Calle de Fernando VI, 2



Founded in 1931 by an Irish woman, embassy is a specialist in cakes, chocolates, cupcakes, macarons… but this classic pastry Madrid has been growing and has become a restaurant, tea room to enjoy an appetizing snack or breakfast chic, it is workshop, shop delicatessen, candy store Y catering.

  • Address: Calle de Núñez de Balboa, 35A; Potosi Street, 8

The best chocolate cake in the world

The best chocolate cake in the world

In this discreet patisserie only chocolate cakes are sold. So if you are an inveterate chocolate nut, you have to try it. They say it’s the best in the world and That’s the name of this little place. that almost goes unnoticed, and that is located in the very same calle Alcalá. The cake is layered with a unique recipe, without flour. The result? delicious. You can also buy it online or try it at one of its terrace tables with views of El Retiro.

  • Address: Calle de Alcalá, 89

house look

house look

Now that Christmas is here, I cannot forget one of the most mythical pastry shops in Madrid: House Look. Founded in 1842 (during the reign of Elizabeth II it was a supplier to the Royal Family), this confectionery Located in the heart of the capital, it retains its luxurious decoration of yesteryear and is famous for the handmade manufacture of nougat. You can find sweets, marzipan and polvorones to carry out.

  • Address: Carrera de S. Jerónimo, 30

Oriol Balaguer

oriol balaguer

In the heart of the Barrio de Salamanca is Oriol Balaguer, a elegant patisserie where you will find elaborate cakes, large cakes and signature chocolates, with an air of jewelry and a concierge service. catering. As its name indicates, it is led by the pastry chef Oriol Balaguer, so each sweet piece boasts an edgy twist as far as presentation is concerned. A space that deserves a must visit.

  • Address: Calle de José Ortega y Gasset, 44

Saint Onofre

Saint Onofre

The chain of pastry shops Saint Onofre It is one of the most iconic in the city. She opened her first Its specialty is the roscón de Reyes, but their scones and deli are famous for their fantastic quality and classic style, as is the bakery part. Madrid already has five pastry shops distributed throughout the center of the capital. The address of the original born in 1972.

  • Address: Calle de San Onofre, 3

mela face

mela face (‘Dear Apple’ in Italian) an ideal patisserie, very instagrammable, that has brought the classic caramel apples back into fashion with topping oreo, chocolate chips or almond crocanti. Pure temptation.

  • Address: Calle de Trafalgar, 20



Celiacs can also have a sweet tooth thanks to ‘gluten free bakery’ greedy. Healthy food & Sugar free bakery They make 100% organic healthy sweets with 100% personality.

  • 4 O’Donnell Street
  • Hortaleza Street, 3
  • Calle del Barquillo, 19
  • Florida Hotel, Callao Square, 2

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