That’s how often we should do a hair treatment, according to an expert +2023

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That’s how often you should really treat your hair to a conditioner

That's how often you should really treat your mane to a hair treatment

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In order to keep it healthy and strong in the long term, we should definitely pamper our hair with a hair treatment on a regular basis. But how often is the optimal frequency for the extra portion of care?

Depending on the ingredients, hair treatments provide our mane with intensive moisture or care for it with other special nutrients. It doesn’t matter whether our hair is particularly dry or rather supple – we shouldn’t skip this step in the care routine. Because unlike conditioners, hair treatments provide in-depth care. While the conditioners detangle and smooth the hair structure on the surface, hair treatments bind amino acids in order to intensively strengthen and moisturize the hair fiber from the inside.

But how often should we do a hair treatment? This can be very different depending on the hair type. If we apply them too often, we can quickly over-groom our hair and weigh it down unnecessarily. If we rarely treat our hair to a nourishing mask, it may lack moisture and dry out.

This is the optimal frequency for hair treatments

Hair care expert Bridgette Hill has revealed to “mindbodygreen” that a hair treatment once a month is enough if someone has generally healthy hair, which he or she colors and/or regularly blow-dryes or styles with a flat iron. On the other hand, if you have rather dry hair or curls, you should plan the extra care every two weeks.

If your hair is particularly stressed, brittle and difficult to comb through despite the conditioner, then you can treat it to a treatment once a week. Once they have recovered a little, you could then switch back to the two-weekly rhythm.

This is still important for intensive hair care

But not only how often we do a hair treatment counts, but of course also the ingredients. According to professional Bridgette Hill, you can’t go wrong with natural fatty acids from avocado, coconut or shea butter – especially with dry hair. Products rich in protein are also good choices. However, you should not use them too often, because a so-called protein excess can overstrain your hair and make it brittle and brittle.

A shower cap or towel is a good help after you have massaged the product into your hair so that your hair treatment can take effect optimally. Under the higher heat, your hair absorbs the care substances even better.

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