“That would be really hard to say…” Back when Ryan Reynolds was discussing a role in the multi-billion dollar Star Wars franchise +2023

The list of Hollywood icons is incomplete without Ryan Reynolds. The Merc with a Mouth star is one of the most famous and beloved actors in the industry today. From Deadpool to Free Guy, Reynolds never disappoints fans with his films. Thanks to all the successful films Ryan has presented to the audience, the Canadian star has become a leading man in Hollywood and every director wants to cast him in their films.

Over the years, Reynolds has been part of various films from different franchises. The Red Notice actor is among the few celebrities to have starred in DC and Marvel movies. Reynolds previously starred Green Lantern back in 2011 and now with the third part of Deadpool will also be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, did you know that Reynolds has previously talked about a role in another multi-billion dollar franchise? War of stars? Here’s everything you need to know.

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What did Ryan Reynolds say about being part of the Star Wars franchise?

Star Wars is one of the most popular film franchises out there. With an incredibly successful series of films, series, video games and books war of stars is a popular pop culture phenomenon around the world. Many well-known celebrities have been part of the franchise over the years. Likewise before even the Dead Pool star spoken his willingness to work on a Star Wars project. During a press conference for The Adam Project, Reynolds opened up about how open he is to being part of the multi-billion dollar Disney franchise. However, the actor also revealed that he hadn’t given it much thought either.

The co-owner of Wrexham AFC spoke: “That would be really hard to say no, but honestly — I’m not making this up — it’s not something I’ve ever thought about.” Since then, however, neither party has evolved. Ryan’s latest musical film Spirited hit our screens in November.

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