Testing Chris Appleton’s “Hollywood Blowout” Hair Tutorial +2023


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  • Jennifer Lopez’s hairstylist Chris Appleton recently shared a tutorial for the perfect Hollywood blowout.
  • All you need for testing is a hair dryer, a round brush and large Velcro rollers.
  • An editor tried the tutorial and shares her results.

Chris Appleton is truly a master of his craft. Known as the hairstylist to some of the biggest names in the business (you know, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian…have you heard of them?), he’s also responsible for some of the trendiest styles we’ve seen, which hundreds of have been recreated Times of people (like me) in the last few years. I regularly stalk his social media feeds because he doesn’t shy away from sharing a fun hair trick or simple tutorial and he never disappoints.

Appleton is the reason I know how to do the perfect slicked back bun, and it’s also thanks to him that my ponytail always looks bouncy and full even though my hair is thin AF. When I saw that he recently shared a tutorial on how to pull off the perfect Hollywood blowout, I immediately checked it out. Although I’m a real center-part Stan, lately I’ve been wearing my hair side parted more and surprisingly from what it looks like. (If you know me IRL, this is shocking news.) Noticing that this tutorial had an extensive side part made me even more ready to try it.

chris appleton hollywood hair tutorial

Image Credit: POPSUGAR Photography / Renee Rodriguez

Appleton begins by prepping the model’s wet hair with the ColorWow Raise the Root Thicken and Lift Spray ($24), which he says lifts the roots and adds volume, so I traced it closely. Next, I blow-dried my hair with a large, round brush to smooth everything out. While I was still hot, I started wrapping my hair in big rolls with velcro. I chose the Amazon Jumbo Size Hair Roller Set ($17) because I know from previous experience that they work well on my fine hair without pulling. After my whole head was in rollers, I let everything sit for about 20 minutes. I usually like to leave my Velcro rolls in for an hour or more, but I was running out of time.

Appleton notes in his video that you need to brush out the curls for the perfect bounce, so after taking out the curlers, I used a paddle brush to comb through my ends. To finish off the look, I backcombed my curtain bang at the roots and flipped my hair to one side, which Appleton says would give the “signature Hollywood side part flip.”

chris appleton hollywood hair tutorial

Image Credit: POPSUGAR Photography / Renee Rodriguez

The end result left my hair with plenty of volume, but I found I had to go in with a curling iron to touch up a few pieces toward the back of my head. Overall I found this tutorial easy to master and it made me love my side part even more. After doing my hair this way, I found that the style lasted a full three days without needing to be washed or restyled, which is a huge bonus. It’s not something I’ll be wearing regularly, but I love the idea of ​​breaking out this style for a night on the town or a fun event. I can’t wait to wear it next time.

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