Tested Target A New Day Textured Small Hoop Earrings +2023

aim for a new day textured little metal hoops

I’m not a psychologist, but I genuinely believe there’s a science (that’s probably worth studying) behind the effects of wearing gold hoop earrings and the way the accessory always makes me look good – even when I’m dressed to become!). my absolute worst. I can’t quite explain it exactly what it is, but something about donning a pair of even the simplest gold hoop earrings makes me feel infinitely better. If I jump on a Zoom call in my pajamas, I can put on a pair and instantly look put together. When I’m short on time and running out the door for an event, they’re the perfect outfit lift to sneak into my bag and style in the car. Even as I recovered from COVID and was bedridden for almost two weeks, I made an effort to wear the jewelry almost every day towards the end of my illness, and I swear they gave me the extra incentive I needed to get up and get up to the return to normal life. Speaking on behalf of all fashion lovers here, if any doctors are reading this, I’d appreciate a review on the serotonin-boosting benefits of gold hoop earrings, please and thank you!

Of course, I keep a few pairs of gold hoop earrings in my jewelry organizer, and while I usually just rotate between wearing all styles, I’ve recently been trying to downsize my closet more—and as a result, I was on the hunt for one Pair of gold hoop earrings that I can take anywhere and style with really anything in my wardrobe. TikTok has introduced me to a few designer styles lately — including a viral couple that’s a bit to far out of my price range. Luckily, my Target shopping addiction has recently paid off in a big way (as it usually does) when, in my state of endlessly scrolling through the retailer’s accessories page, I came across this pair of tiny textured metal hoop earrings from A New Day ($8) bumped. which are twice as high as them Perfect cheat yourself for some of these other TikTok-loved styles—and with a price tag that’s under $10, too (love that for us!). Read on to see my honest review of these super chic gold earrings that are basically a foolproof designer dupe.

What I like about the A New Day Gold hoop earrings

I like that these Target hoop earrings look and feel way more luxurious than they actually are. They’re listed as one of Target’s best-selling earrings, and with almost 200 rave reviews of the style on the retailer’s website, the hype is definitely over. The gold-tone hoop earrings exude a timeless elegance that makes them the perfect accessory for almost any ensemble – they fit seamlessly into an elegant evening outfit or also enhance one of my more casual work-from-home styles. While they have a classic feel, the accessory also boasts a more modern and textured flair thanks to the hoop earrings’ diagonal ribbed detailing. I admire the versatility of the accessory and love that even when I’m in a hurry or running out the door I have a piece of jewelry I can quickly slip on without having to wonder if it will match my outfit or not not – because it always does!

aim for a new day textured little metal hoops

What is worth mentioning

If you’re looking for superfine earrings that are so light you might even forget you’re wearing them, I’ll be the first to admit: these Target hoop earrings aren’t. Don’t get me wrong, I probably wear these earrings more than any other accessory in my closet – but they certainly aren’t the lightest pair I’ve ever owned. The hoops are made from a bulky, nickel-free metal material that feels both thick and chunky. Admittedly, given the hoop price of $8, I was surprised at how heavy the earrings actually are (0.4 pounds to be exact). And while they definitely add an extra layer of weight that is noticeable when wearing the accessory, that doesn’t bother me personally. If anything, it feels more reassuring to have a heavier pair of earrings that I really trust will last than a chintzy style with a brand to match its affordable price point.

Who are these A New Day gold hoop earrings best for?

If you love a good fashion dupe, these Target earrings are a worthwhile purchase! I’ve been seeing this exact earring-style trend on TikTok for the past few months, often in the form of more expensive designer pairs that — while likely made of high-quality, durable materials — are frankly just too far out of my budget to even entertain. While these earrings are definitely bulkier than some of the more traditional hoop styles I’ve become accustomed to, they also serve as the most timeless accessory to add to any outfit. These hoop earrings offer just enough sophisticated look to add sophisticated flair to any ensemble without being so flashy that they become the focal point of my style. Plus, they can be paired with absolutely any look – making them the most versatile earring to have on hand during the holiday party season.

Where are these A New Day gold hoop earrings available?

These chunky gold hoop earrings are exclusive to Target.

more details

  • The partial hoops hang 1.2 inches apart, making them taller than a classic huggie style and big enough to be an eye-catching accessory.
  • These chunky earrings weigh 0.4 pounds and are made from a durable, nickel-free metal material.
  • Unlike other hoop earrings, this style features butterfly hardware backs that help hold the earring in place and provide more security when worn.


Image Credit: POPSUGAR Photography / Kyley Warren

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