Teen Wolf: The Movie: Plot, Trailer, Cast +2023

The excitement continues for Teen Wolf fans who felt the supernatural drama ended too soon. In September 2021, MTV first announced that the show’s original creator, Jeff Davis, will direct a Teen Wolf film revival. Better news? The first official trailer for the exclusive Paramount+ movie is here.

The full-length trailer for Teen Wolf: The Movie dropped at Brazil Comic Con Experience (CCXP) on December 4th, and it looks intense. In the trailer, Scott tries to live a normal life, but when he starts seeing visions of the supposedly deceased Allison, it becomes clear that he must reunite the old gang while they battle a dangerous new enemy.

Back in October, the film’s cast met at New York Comic Con to discuss what fans can expect from the next chapter in the Teen Wolf saga. POPSUGAR was present at the event where star Tyler Posey spoke about how the film is showing a more mature Scott McCall. The character, he explained, struggles with living outside of Beacon Hills. “Scott McCall isn’t a teen wolf anymore,” he joked. In the new film, Scott is 33 and, as Posey put it, has been trying to “shed the hero role for a while.” But that has led to him struggling with anxiety, loneliness and depression, which Posey believes will make the character even more relatable to the series’ now-adult fans. He also said the film marks the first time viewers have seen Scott do “normal” stuff since the pilot.

The cast also spoke about Crystal Reed’s surprise return as Allison Argent, who technically died in season three. Davis said, “I’ve always said that if we were going to do a movie, we had to bring Crystal back.” He messaged her on Instagram to open up a conversation about her coming back, and she agreed. Reed says she is “humbled” by the support the character has received from fans and that she is “grateful” that fans connect with her so much.

Holland Roden, who plays Lydia Martin, said when fans see Jackson (Colton Haynes) and Lydia reunite on screen, it was actually a real-life reunion between her and Haynes. “So hopefully when you see Lydia and Scott on screen, you get that feeling too.”

The panel debuted the cast with an exclusive clip from the film, which stars Tyler Hoechlin as Derek Hale with his son Eli (Vince Mattis). Derek urges his son to begin his transformation so he can heal from an injury sustained at a lacrosse game. But before his son can reply, they are attacked by Allison brandishing her trademark bow and arrow. Mattis joked that the show is “named”teenager Wolf,” and he’s the only teenager now. Watch the exciting new clip ahead.

We’ve rounded up details on Teen Wolf: The Movie, including plot hints, returning cast members and more. And until the film comes out this January, you can always rewatch past episodes of the series on Paramount+.

Additional reporting by Victoria Edel

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