6.07 Natulique Caramel

6.07 Natulique Caramel Caramel hair color, preferably a color. But you have to get the caramel dye with the color you want. You need to mix with a different hair color. Natulique Hair Dyeing Natulique Hair Dye Contents

Wella Koleston Perfect 6/07

Wella Koleston Perfect 6/07 : Light brown natural-brown.   Intense dark brown hair and yellow glow on. A hair dye that appears natural. Mixing Recommendation Combine with Koleston Perfect Crème Developer for outstanding, high-density results. Koleston Perfect Base & Koleston Perfect Crème Developer (1:1). Special Blonde shades ratio (1:2). MIXING RATIO: 3 levels of lift: 1 part Koleston … Read more