“Superman is a…” – DC boss James Gunn has a straight five-word answer when asked about Superman’s future in the DCEU +2023

Henry Cavill is one of the greatest actors of our generation. Over the years, we’ve seen Cavill carve a niche for himself in Hollywood as one of the most successful and popular personalities in the industry. While the British actor has starred in a number of memorable roles, his role as Superman is one of the man of Steel remains unmatched.

As we all know, the past few months have been filled with rumors and news regarding Henry Cavill’s return as The man of Steel. The DC fandom was very excited to see the British actor in his Kryptonian suit after almost five years together. However, even though he has returned to the DC Extended Universe, the future still looks uncertain. News of Cavill’s exit from the franchise has also made the rounds. But amidst all the news of Superman’s departure doing the rounds, DC’s new boss James Gunn cleaned up when he spoke about Superman’s future.

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James Gunn talks about Henry Cavill as Superman

We’ve had one for the past few months big change in DC management. James Gunn and Peter Safran have now taken over the franchise. Also, the franchise’s most popular superhero made a comeback. But since his appearance in black adam, There was no update on what the future holds for Cavill.

But recently, the suicide squad Fame James Gunn took to Twitter on the 44th anniversary of Richard Donner’s Superman. The director tweeted: “Superman premiered 44 years ago today” with a poster of the Son of Krypton. The poster also featured the Superman slogan: “You will believe that a man can fly.”

When fans saw the poster, they couldn’t help but wonder if Superman will return in future DCEU movies. In response, Gunn wrote: “Yes, of course. Superman has a big priority, if not the highest priority.” Gunn’s response to the tweet has given Cavill fans some reassurance. However, how his character would play out in the future films is still unclear.

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Interestingly, one of the many fan questions involved Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern. Gunn clarified that the Deadpool star has no plans to reprise the role any time soon.

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