Sunny Hostin Holiday-Shames Sara Haines for Not Sending ‘The View’ Christmas Cards: ‘You’re a Scrooge’ +2023

While Sunny Hostin may have a Daytime Emmy nomination and a law degree, she’s also earned the title of Queen of Holiday Shaming. In today’s episode of the view She rolled her eyes at co-host Sara Haines’ efforts to relieve some of the pressure at what is supposedly the most beautiful time of the year.

Haines, the self-proclaimed “one woman holiday show,” explained how she took on the pressure of making the holidays perfect when she married her husband, who “didn’t grow up with traditions.” The co-host said she walked in and “envied” everything her mom pulled through and wanted to do it herself.

However, she recalled her family’s last Christmas tree experience, where she “snapped” at her kids, resulting in her husband telling her to rest and then come back, to which Sunny lashed out at Hostin, saying, “You you’re a.” Scrooge.”

Despite Hostin’s low blow, Haines continued, “Because it takes the joy out of what you’re doing. There’s so much pressure. So we don’t make Christmas cards. That’s just too much time for me.”

Hostin insisted, “It’s just a quick picture.”

When Haines, sinking into her seat, replied, “The weight of the world is getting heavier,” Whoopi Goldberg came to her defense, assuring Haines, “You don’t need to send Christmas cards.”

The co-host continued to find her way onto Hostin’s naughty list when she revealed to the panel that she no longer exchanges gifts with her extended family either. Instead, she invites everyone to dinner for an “experience gift” so she doesn’t “have to shop for each individual.”

As Hostin interrupted with “But gifts are fun!” Haines quipped, “Sunny is grateful she’s not Haines right now, but a hostess.”

Haines isn’t the only one on the panel who doesn’t send out Christmas cards. Alyssa Farah Griffin revealed that she also “never” participated in the holiday tradition because “it looks like a lot of work.”

Goldberg remained diplomatic as usual, letting the audience know, “Christmas is your choice. It’s your choice how you do it. don’t listen to anyone Do your thing ’cause I do nothing and I do everything. Because I want.”

The view airs weekdays at 11/10 a.m. on ABC.

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