Sugaring paste: This is how hair removal with Halawa works

Sugaring paste: This is how hair removal with Halawa works +2023

Sugaring Paste How does sustainable hair removal work?

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With sugaring paste, hairs on the body can be removed almost painlessly. Where to buy sugaring paste, which is the best and how to use it?

What is sugaring paste?

Sugaring is a traditional hair removal method. The origin of the sugaring paste can be traced back to oriental steam baths, also known as hammams. There the sugar paste is called Halawa. she will applied to the affected part of the body and then removed. At first glance, the process is reminiscent of waxing. However, that is the only similarity.

What is sugaring paste made of?

Sugaring is one of the most sustainable types of hair removal because the sugaring paste consists of only three ingredients: sugar, water and lemon juice. You can also make halawa yourself. However, this is not as easy as it reads. The right consistency of the sugar paste is extremely important for the hair removal to be a success. If you still want to try it, you can find a recipe here: Remove hair with sugaring.

How does sugaring work?

You can have sugaring done by a professional or do it yourself at home. There are now many sugaring pastes to buy. The special thing about the sugar paste is the namesake, the sugar. The sugar molecules are so tiny that they can penetrate the hair follicle and the surface of the hair. This allows the small hairs to be removed wonderfully together with the root. Anyone who thinks that sugaring is just as painful as waxing is wrong. The sugar paste is peeled off in the direction of hair growth. Many users describe the feeling as a gentle tingling sensation.

What parts of the body can sugaring paste be used on?

With the sugaring paste you can remove hair on the legs, under the armpits, in the intimate area, on the arms and even on the face. Basically, any part of the body is suitable. Even if sugaring is gentler on the skin than waxing, you should be careful on sensitive parts of the body.

Does the hair have to be a certain length before the application?

When removing hair with the sugaring paste, the hairs should be Minimum length of five millimeters have. You should avoid shaving your legs about a week or two beforehand.

Sugaring paste: before use

  • Pamper your skin with one the day before sugaring body scrub. This is how you prevent pimples and ingrown hairs.
  • renounce the day before on rich care lotions. This way the Halawa sticks better to your skin.
  • Before sugaring, avoid the Solarium visit or a intense sunbathing.
  • Professionals treat the skin with a before sugaring alcohol-based lotion and powder. On the one hand, the skin is free of grease and clean, on the other hand, the sugar paste can stick better to the hair.

Instructions: Hair removal with the sugaring paste

  1. Warm the sugaring paste to body temperature until it is nice and elastic.
  2. Spread the sugar paste against the direction of hair growth quickly on the skin.
  3. After the sugaring paste has dried, you can jerk it in the direction of hair growth pull off along with the hairs.
  4. The same sugar paste is repeatedly passed over the parts of the body to be depilated and gradually absorbs more hair.

Sugaring paste: how to care for the skin after use?

  • After hair removal you can cooling Aloe Vera Gel Instruct. This soothes the skin.
  • Do not use care products with alcohol or chemical ingredients.
  • Use under armpits after sugaring no deodorant with added alcohol.
  • Don’t use a body scrub for at least a week after depilation.
  • Wear after depilation with the sugaring paste wide clothesso that the skin is not unnecessarily irritated.
  • Avoid solarium, sauna, sports and chlorinated water for about 24 hours after sugaring.

Sugaring paste: when does the hair grow back?

How long your skin is hairless after sugaring depends on your hair growth. Depilation with the sugaring paste is a longer-term method, as the hair is pulled out together with the root. About three to six weeks you have peace after the depilation.

Sugaring paste: pros and cons


  • Sugaring paste is sustainable and completely natural due to the ingredients.
  • It’s almost painless.
  • Sugaring paste is gentle and therefore suitable for all skin types.
  • Razor bumps and cuts are prevented.
  • With regular sugaring, hair growth decreases because the hair roots are weakened over time.


  • Sugaring takes practice.
  • Better results are often achieved with professionals, which means more money.
  • Sugaring is time consuming. A leg treatment takes about 30 to 45 minutes.

Where can you buy sugaring paste?

You can buy sugaring paste in drugstores, such as dm or Rossmann, or online. At the top of the article we have already introduced you to the three most popular sugaring pastes.

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