Sugar water for the hair – rightly hyped? An expert explains +2023

TikTok beauty trend
Sugar water for the hair: An expert explains

TikTok beauty trend: sugar water for the hair: an expert explains

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The fashion and beauty news of the day in the BRIGITTE ticker: on TikTok & Co. sugar water is celebrated as the new secret weapon for our hair. But what is the real truth behind the hype?

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April 3, 2023

Sugar water for the hair: What’s the truth behind the TikTok hype?

The sweet equivalent of salt spray is sugar spray – and a few weeks ago it conquered the internet as a beauty trend. Whether homemade or enriched in products, sugar sprays promise extra hold, shine, moisture, suppleness – and no sticking.

What users are already hyping on TikTok, Instagram & Co. has been verified by our expert Jutta Gsell, Wella hair expert and owner of the Kopf-Kunst salon. How good is homemade sugar water really for our hair? “Sugar water is actually very good for styling the hair because it gives a good hold. However, small white crystals remain in the hair. Visually, this is not necessarily what corresponds to our ideal of beauty today. That was in the days of punk and Vivienne Westwood still different, since very striking hairstyles were in vogue here, which required a lot of texture.Washing out the sugar is also very unpleasant, since the sugar is very sticky.As an alternative, there are very nice products that build on this trend. “

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