Stars without make-up: Do you recognize the celebrity without make-up?

Stars without make-up: Do you recognize the celebrity without make-up? +2023

Stars without makeup – do you still recognize them?

Some stars like to show themselves without make-up on social media channels. Sometimes they are even difficult to recognize – without smokey eyes and artificial eyelashes. We admire them for letting the covers fall, because in no business is fake as popular as with the world-famous celebrities.

Scores of make-up artists and hairdressers take care of their looks and that they come as close as possible to the ideal that the media has suggested. One is always looking for the perfect staging. Pimple? Never. Hectic spots and skin redness? But not in Beverly Hills. straw hair? There is no such thing with the radiant celebrities.

The no-make-up selfies are exactly the counter-trend that makes the stars so approachable and likeable. Freckles, wrinkles, pimples, short blonde eyelashes and sometimes greasy hair are revealed here. Exactly as we know it. And that’s why we like to look at them so much, the no-makeup selfies of the stars.

Posted no-makeup selfie – celebrity intimacy offensive?

We are just like you – that’s the message of the superstars, who surrender themselves to the eyes of their fans without make-up. Because nothing makes you more likeable than admitting small weaknesses.

Gülcan Kamps surprises in her Instagram posts with how natural she can look! Gywyneth Paltrow and Demi Lovato’s freckles, Gigi Hadid’s little pimples, Barbara Schöneberger without make-up at the hairdresser’s or Alicia Keys, who would prefer nothing more to do with mascara and eyeshadow: the stars reveal the naked one on their Instagram selfies Truth. For example, we didn’t even recognize Lady Gaga without makeup. If the mascara is missing, it makes the celebs quite unrecognizable. And we would rather pass Demi Moore in the pedestrian zone of Wuppertal.

#nomakeup and still beautiful?

However, sometimes we look in vain for the wow effect. Like Doutzen Kroes, for example. The top model looks flawlessly beautiful even without make-up. And also with Alessandra Ambrosio we can’t find any bumps in the complexion.

May it be granted to the ladies. But even among the celebrities who did not make a career as a model, there are some who we would recommend not to wear too much make-up. They are real natural beauties. See who it could be for yourself in our makeup-free celebrity photo gallery!


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