Stars in bikinis: The hottest holiday pictures of celebrities +2023

Summer, beach and vacation everywhere you look. Whether Michelle Hunziker, Verona Pooth or Sophia Thomalla – the stars lounge in bikinis on the most beautiful beaches in the world and, thanks to Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, let us share in their relaxed lives. Of course, her everyday life doesn’t look as casual as on her holiday pictures. Because the perfect bikini body (unfortunately) doesn’t come overnight, even with the stars, but only with tough training. And that’s usually on the agenda every day. Just like the right and, above all, healthy diet.

Stars in bikinis: Michelle Hunziker & Co. swear by this training.

We hardly see a celebrity lady on the beach as often as Michelle Hunziker. And we are happy to admit without envy: This body is impressive. No wonder the beautiful Swiss is constantly being asked about her training secrets. In various interviews, Hunziker said that her children in particular keep her on her toes and that they are the best training program. If she does extra training, she prefers to get on the treadmill.

On the other hand, nutrition is much more important for the bikini figure. Especially after pregnancy, she pays attention to balanced and low-calorie foods to get back in shape quickly. Their diet consists primarily of fruit and muesli for breakfast, carbohydrates such as pasta for lunch, and fish and vegetables for the most part in the evening. At first glance, that doesn’t sound particularly low in calories, but the 39-year-old has often explained that she has very good genes and a good metabolism. Enviable!

The diet of celebrities: bizarre or useful?

Whether former chefs, fired assistants or the best enemy: alleged insiders from the private life of the celebrities unpack again and again and also reveal their eating habits. And these are sometimes quite bizarre: Gisele Bundchen and her husband Tom Brady, for example, should only eat 80 percent vegetables and 20 percent lean meat. Fruit, on the other hand, has been removed from the menu, as have all dairy products and coffee. Check out the full list of celebrity’s weird food habits here.

Stars in bikinis: from Verona Pooth to Alessandra Meyer-Wölden

Haven’t we all had the feeling that celebrities are just lying in the sun in their bikinis on the beach? Our gallery won’t show you exactly the opposite, but it shows at least one thing: Even celebrities aren’t perfect and problem areas can hardly be cheated away in a tight bikini. So click through our stars in bikinis and let yourself be infected by the holiday feeling!

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