Starbucks holiday drinks for kids


Starbucks holiday drinks for kids +2023

Nothing says the holidays quite like a Starbucks run to get all the warm and celebratory drinks your heart desires (in those Christmas mugs, no less), but do your kids ever feel left out? Your Mini Me just wants to be like you, and with Starbucks kid-friendly holiday drinks, they can!

Rather than introduce them to a caffeine addiction before they leave middle school, a classic hot chocolate is a great way to make your little ones feel included. (Pro tip: if you order a hot chocolate in a kid’s mug, the barista will steam the milk to the perfect temperature so it doesn’t burn sensitive mouths.) But that’s not the only warm sip kids get from Starbucks this time can enjoy of the year. Starbucks always has plenty of delicious decaffeinated drinks for kids, and the options get even tastier during the holidays. Whether your little ones like seasonal flavors like eggnog and peppermint or prefer to stick to the basics like vanilla and apple juice, the coffee chain has drinks that will have them grinning with holiday cheer.

Even if you’re pregnant with your little one, these options are great alternatives when trying to cut down on caffeine. (See more Starbucks low-cafe drinks for pregnant women here.)


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