Star + glitter makeup: This is the celestial beauty trend that Beyoncé loves

Star + glitter makeup: This is the celestial beauty trend that Beyoncé loves +2023

Celestial makeup
Divine beauty trend with star potential

Jodie Turner-Smith at the Harris Reed show.

Jodie Turner-Smith at the Harris Reed show.

© Dave Benett / Getty Images

Beauty looks that are almost too beautiful for this world – that’s what the new beauty trend Celestial Make-up promises, which can currently not only be seen on the runway, but is also predestined for the red carpet. We will also tell you how you can wear it in everyday life!

As beautiful as paradise – this is perhaps the best way to describe the new beauty trend. So far, we have known golden make-up mainly from glamorous New Year’s Eve looks, but “celestial make-up” is becoming more and more present on and off the runway. And not without reason: With a golden touch, you are guaranteed a big entrance.

Celestial Make-up: This is what defines the new beauty trend

Shiny, clear skin and sparkling highlights like from a starry sky – maybe it’s the longing for a happy dream world or the golden warmth that should bring us through the dark season; Celestial Make-up brings new shine.

But what makes the makeup look so special? Two styles meet: gold tones, glitter and stones as well as symbols from astrology. A mystically beautiful image is created that is futuristic but supports the assets of one’s own face instead of distorting them. .

Stars love extravagant make-up

During the fashion weeks in New York and London, we have seen “Celestial Make-up” at the Harris Reed, Thom Browne or Altuzarra shows, for example. Stars also love the new beauty trend, singer Beyoncé was staged as a golden god in her Vogue shoot, Florence Pugh showed up with an extravagant hairstyle on the red carpet of the Baftas. Stage yourself as divine? Of course the celebrities like it!

So you can wear the Celestial Make-up in everyday life

Do you love gold tones and glitter, but don’t know how to integrate the Celestial trend into your everyday look? Our tip: Start with small elements like golden eye shadow or small stars, maybe some golden highlighter. Don’t put too much on your face at once, otherwise it will quickly look like carnival make-up. Astro symbols can also be easily integrated into the hair – but the same applies here: less is more!


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