Star bangs: Julia Roberts surprises with retro bangs +2023

Hairstyles with bangs are very popular with celebrities. We show the new members of the pony celebrity club and the classics.

Stars love bangs

Stars love bangs. Almost every day a celebrity joins the pony club and shows how hip our favorite hairstyle is. If long hair with bangs or a short bob, straight hair or curls – these prominent examples show how diverse hairstyles with bangs can be. Plus how much bangs can change a familiar face too. In recent weeks, Katie Holmes (as a repeat pony wearer) and Jessica Biel have appeared with freshly cut bangs, but also German celebrities such as Marie Nasemann and Monica Meier-Ivancan.

Do you also want a pony hairstyle?

If you’re thinking of trimming your forehead hair as well, check out our article, “Will bangs suit my face?” read. We also show you the new pony trend Micro-Fringe.

Video recommendations:

Full ponies in particular really come into their own. We show the correct technique for pony straightening.

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