Sophrology is a popular practice for getting rid of negative emotions. +2023

What is sophrology

The term “sophrology” (translated from Greek – “the science of spiritual harmony”) was coined by the Colombian psychiatrist and neurologist Alfonso Caicedo, who developed a 12-step restorative technique in the early 1960s. Having a serious interest in the manifestations of altered consciousness, the professor conducted a lot of research on the healing aspects of hypnosis and used the experience gained to create a new therapeutic concept.

Sophrology implies the launch of internal resources that will help in self-knowledge and self-development, along the way rebuilding in a positive way. A step-by-step set of exercises includes relaxation, visualization and simple physical movements aimed at improving well-being and understanding of your body. In addition, this practice makes it easier for those who find it difficult to enter meditation on their own to achieve mindfulness, as your actions can be guided by an experienced sophrologist guide.

European countries accepted sophrology with a bang, and in France it managed to get into the official list of recommended therapeutic practices – both on its own and in combination with traditional medicine and classes with a psychologist. Adepts of sophrology claim that the effect is felt literally from the first session, and therefore do not insist on multiple sessions. The duration of the course depends on the needs and wishes of the patient.

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