Something has changed in Amal Clooney’s hair and face and we know what +2023

It was hard for us to recognize her but yes, it’s her. Just a few days ago we have seen how amal clooney She has transformed her hair and her face to the point that it has been difficult for us to recognize her like all her followers. And it is that the lawyer has changed her image and has surprised everyone with warmer hair and a make-up that enhances and harmonizes your features. Accustomed to seeing her with a make-up with the red lips as holy and be of his face and a dark brown almost black hair on the red carpets when she always accompanies her husband, George Clooneynow she has changed her beauty look and has signed up for a chestnut with wicks lighter shades and makeup in brown tones that favors her a lot. These are the keys to his new image.

Hair contouring with hazelnut highlights

First of all, something has changed in Amal Clooney’s hair and it is her hair color. brown hair who is now much blonder with hazelnut wicks, far from the jet black to which we are accustomed. We have discovered her change of look from the stylist Dimitris Giannetos who posted on her Instagram account a photo with the lawyer by her side with long hair with a sun-kissed effect and hazelnut highlights.

A makeup in brown tones

Amal Clooney has also changed the way she makes up her face and even if she does nothing, her Red lips were her main make-up watchword, now she is betting on brown lipsticks in caramel tones that soften your facial skin and provide warmth as well as harmonize your facial features. We also observe some eyebrows more defined and drawn on his face, his longer and denser eyelashes and ones nude lips Slightly outlined and very creamy that favors you a lot.

And so much so that many of her fans have commented that it is difficult for them to recognize her, even wondering if it was a filter for the photo because the current image of Amal Clooney had little or nothing to do with that of all these years. And others even venture to highlight the possible aesthetic retouching of it? Be that as it may, what is clear is that the effect wow of the lawyer in social networks has been a fact that nobody has gone unnoticed.

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