“Someone’s getting Airrack off the Streamys” – fans trash YouTuber Streamy Awards host Airrack +2023

Airrack will host the Streamy Awards for the first time in 2022. The content creator himself has the potential to win some awards but will be hosting this year to entertain viewers and creators. Airrack’s real name is Eric Decker and he’s one of the biggest YouTubers today. The entertainer’s collab video with Logan Paul went viral.

His entertaining nature then put him on the path to becoming an award host. So far, MrBeast Charli D’Amelio, Liza Koshy has hosted the previous awards. Though not all fans are into his hosting. Fans have now given their mixed reactions to the 2022 host.

Viewers react to Airrack hosting the 2022 Streamy Awards

While Airrack was more than thrilled to be the host of this year’s Streamy Awards, not everyone was so happy about it. According to a source, Fans aren’t having the best reactions to this creator hosting the Streamy, with some even wanting to remove him from the awards altogether. The creator has quite a few followers himself with a strong base of 10.8 million followers. His videos are outrageous and controversial in equal measure, but entertaining, which probably made him the perfect choice for getting more viewers.


Airrack won’t be the only entertainer, however. Michelle Khare will pop out to take over the screen while Yung Gravy will appear on the livestream show. From the Hollywood industry, we can expect Lilly Reinhart, Post Malone and Hailey Beiber to be part of the show thanks to their active presence as content creators.

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Airrack is also nominated for the Creator of the Year Award with other nominees like Blogilates, Charli D’Amelio, Dream, JiDion, Logan Paul, Mark Rober, MrBallen and MrBeast in the list. His other two nominations include the Editing and First Person categories. It remains to be seen which of these awards he will snag. What do you think of him hosting the Streamy Awards? Let us know in the comments.




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