Soap Brows: The trend for beautiful eyebrows +2023

Soap Brows
THE beauty trend for perfectly shaped eyebrows

Soap Brows: bushy eyebrows, eyebrows shaped with soap

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Eyebrows are great to style, whether thin and delicate, straight or naturally bushy, like so-called soap brows. But what exactly is it and how do you get the look yourself?

Men and women could stand in the bathroom forever in the morning, because there is a lot of beauty just for eyebrows that is just waiting to be bought and then used. Whether an eyebrow pencil to trace, fill in and emphasize the eyebrows, light eye shadow to accentuate and highlight the eyebrows or brow gel to be able to shape the brows perfectly, your beauty cupboard could be overflowing even without make-up.

Maybe he does too – but do you really need all that or can you save some of it in the future? We say YES, because you definitely don’t need brow gel if you want to recreate the trendy look of soap brows. We’ll tell you what you need and have to consider for this.

What are soap brows?

Soap brows are in the truest sense of the word eyebrows brushed with soap and perfectly shaped, which are usually natural and densely bushy. It might sound a bit strange at first, but it’s not at all. Better still, the styling is super easy, doesn’t cost much at all, and requires no prior knowledge. With this look you are guaranteed to be an eye-catcher.

Which soap for soap brows?

You shouldn’t just use any soap for your eyebrows, because many soaps contain dyes and fragrances and they only irritate your skin unnecessarily, can cause redness and leave a white, unsightly veil on the eyebrows – and nobody really wants that.

If you rarely or never put on heavy make-up, you can go to one glycerin soap or curd soap grasp. At best, these should be neutral and in natural colors so as not to leave any colored residue on the surface eyebrow brush to leave. Alternatively, special “brow soaps” are also suitable, which you can easily get in beauty stores.

If, on the other hand, you wear your make-up on your face rather thickly, you should avoid soap brows and continue to shape your eyebrows with conventional brow gel, otherwise your make-up on your face can come off when you use soap. The good thing about brow gel is that the fine hairs are fixed and shaped directly and the result looks super natural.

How does the eyebrow look work?

Make-up artists have been using soap brows for a number of years. Your insider tip: To brush and set the eyebrows perfectly, use soap instead brow gel, because that thickens your eyebrows even better, also gives the eyebrows better hold and generally makes them look fuller and more natural. In addition, your eyebrows will not become as hard after using soap compared to brow gel. What more could you ask for in beauty!

That’s how it’s done:

  1. Moisten the eyebrow brush with some water.
  2. Then run the eyebrow brush up and down over the soap until the brush is completely wet.
  3. Then run it from the bottom up over your eyebrows and shape them into the natural shape you want.
  4. When the eyebrows have dried, you can use one eyebrow pencil – if possible with little pressure – super trace the lower edge of your eyebrows.
  5. You can also use the eyebrow pencil or a eyebrow powder condense by painting fine, short strokes. But it is absolutely not a must!
  6. If you also want to show off the fine hairs in a particularly beautiful way, you can end up with a shimmering one eyeshadow or one highlighter apply below the eyebrow. Your soap brows are ready!

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