Snubs and surprises at the 2023 Golden Globes: Tom Cruise is out, but Ana de Armas and Hilary Swank are in +2023

The 2023 Golden Globe nominations were announced Monday, because while many of us thought we’d finally beat them, the controversial awards show returns to NBC this year. (It’s like a cockroach that’s not going to fucking die.)

Last year, NBC chose not to air the awards after a Los Angeles Times Expose revealed that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association — the organization responsible for voting and awarding the Golden Globes — didn’t have a single black member. It didn’t help that HFPA member and former President Philip Berk emailed Call Black Lives Matter a “racist hate movement”. The same LA times The article also criticized the organization for its dubious ethical practices and questioned its legitimacy.

The HPFA sought damage control, including Adding six new black voters, and promise they will definitely not take any bribes this year, they swear. But the controversy doesn’t stop there. Brendan Fraser, who is likely a contender for best actor this season, for his performance in The whalehas been vocal about his allegation that Berk, who stepped down from his role as HPFA president last year, sexually assaulted Fraser in 2003. When he first made the allegation, the Golden Globes essentially responded by ignoring him and Fraser recently to GQ magazine he will not attend the awards ceremony if he is nominated. Other stars, including Top Gun: Maverick’s Tom Cruise, could join Fraser in boycotting the awards The Hollywood Reporter.

But the Globes are clearly hoping for a comeback and proceeded Monday morning with the nominations announced by George Lopez and his daughter Mayan Lopez. Here are the 2023 Golden Globes snubs and surprises, and the full list of 2023 Golden Globes nominations can be found here.


Tom Cruise for Top Gun: Maverick: The new Top Gun may have snagged a Best Drama Movie nomination, but Cruise himself was snubbed. Considering the movie star returned his three Golden Globes last year Protesting the HPFA feels personal.

Sarah Polley for women speak: For real? You’ll put Baz Luhrmann on your list of all-male directors elvis, but not Polley? Name a woman, HPFA! Name a woman!

yellowstone: Kevin Costner managed to snag a nomination but no love for yellowstone for Best TV Series – Drama.

Jessie Buckley for women talk: After her surprise Oscar nomination for The Lost Daughter last year, Buckley is a rising star — but without the help of the HPFA, which snubbed her for Best Actress in a Drama.

Yellow jackets: I know it’s been a while since Yellowjackets, but this hot new show about a girls soccer team surviving in the wilderness is at the top of everyone’s list this year — except apparently for the HPFAs, who snubbed them for Best Drama Series . But to be fair, much of the season aired in 2021, so that may have been the rationale.

Keke Palmer for nope: Keke Palmer probably delivered one of the best performances of the year in Nope. For these outfits alone, she deserves a Best Actress nomination!

Rhea Seehorn for Better call Saul: After one of the best TV appearances of the year in Better call SaulIn its spectacular final season, Seehorn definitely earned a nomination for Best TV Actress in a Supporting Role (Comedy/Drama). Well, there’s always next year. Oh wait, no, there isn’t. Come on HPFA!

Gina Prince Bythewood for The Woman King: Prince-Bythewood has made it to the top of every possible list of directors, but the HPFA didn’t reserve her a spot in their nominations. Again: name a woman!

Ayo Edebiri for The bear: We’re getting the love we deserve from Jeremy Allen White, but Edebiri made this stressful show sing.


Hilary Swank for Alaska Daily: No shadow for Oscar winner Hilary Swank, but I don’t think anyone saw that nomination for her ABC journalism show, which has fish sticking out of the water. OK then!

Selena Gomez for Only murders in the building: Finally! After Gomez was snubbed while her male co-stars were honored at previous awards, the Globes did the right thing and gave our girl Gomez the recognition she deserves.

Ana de Armas for Blond: Andrew Dominik’s biopic of Marilyn Monroe was so controversial that it seemed likely it would be left out in the 2023 awards season. But since when has the HPFA been afraid of controversy?

Wednesday: We know everyone loves Jenna Ortega’s TikTok dance, but we didn’t expect Netflix’s Wednesday Adams Show to get any love awards, let alone a Best TV Series (Musical or Comedy) nomination!

Angela Bassett for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever: This was a pleasant surprise. Hey, if you like a popcorn movie Top Gun: Maverick will do the award ceremony this year, why not Black Panther? Miss Angela Bassett deserves it!

Jeremy Pope for The inspection: Another pleasant surprise—Jeremy Pope enjoyed his portrayal in the A24 indie The Inspection about a young gay man who enlists in the Marine Corps.

Brendan Fraser for The whale: It’s not a huge surprise considering Fraser was favored for acting awards this season. But it’s surprising that the HPFA went for it, given that Fraser has been very vocal about wanting nothing to do with the Golden Globes.

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