Snowflake Hair: We also wear the bridal trend without a ring on our fingers +2023

Snowflake Hair
We also wear the bridal trend without a ring on our fingers

Influencer Camille Charriere at her wedding.

Influencer Camille Charriere at her wedding.


Strict updos, elegant braids and lots of hairspray – when it comes to styling brides’ hair, anything is possible. This is also the case with influencer Camille’s snowflake hair Charrierethat we like so much we don’t just want to wear them on our big day.

Influencer Camille Charriere said yes. On her big day, the trendsetter wears her hair quite naturally and unspectacularly at first glance. No trace of an elaborate updo! At second glance, however, the great effect that inspires us becomes apparent. You can see small white dots in her hair. Snowflakes? Nearly! Small pearls were worked into the natural undone hairstyle, which could easily pass as small romantic snowflakes.

Snowflake Hair: Not just for weddings

But the sweet winter hairstyle is not just for brides. How about the elegant look for a Christmas dinner, for example? Especially with a red top or all over tone on tone on White, with the cute pearls in your hair, makes for a classy one Winter wonderland feeling And all without freezing! Honestly, what more could you ask for?

However, we are not completely alien to the pearl trend. Pearls are used again and again, especially for updos. However, the hair is usually worn in a bun. The choice of pearls also makes a small but subtle difference. While up to now only perfectly round pearls have been used, Camille deliberately opts for pearls in their natural form, which enhance the effect of small snowflakes. Similar hairstyle, completely different feeling, because the pearls in the tight bun have something very noble, worn openly they look playful and super romantic.

This is how the snowflake hair succeeds

Styling the elegant and romantic hair trend is not as difficult as it looks! That’s how it’s done:

The hair is in the first step with a smooth or wave irons styled into loose waves. Some hairspray or dry shampoo will add volume and texture. Now you can place the pearls in the hair with tweezers. Important: the thinner the strand on which the pearl is attached, the more naturally the hair will fall and the more movement the pearl will have. You can fix the pearls with a transparent one eyelash glue. Put a thin blob on the pearl, fix it on the hair, wait a few seconds until everything is really dry and the playful ones are done snowflakes Hair.

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