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Saturday night live highlighted Georgia’s candidacy for the US Senate seat at the beginning of the December 3 episode. in the sketch, Kenan Thompson played Herschel Walkerwho was in real life make headlines for his recent comments about being a vampire and werewolf during his campaign when he met with Republican senators to discuss Tuesday’s election. Mikey Day also played Sen. John Cornyna Texas Republican, outspoken in the cold.

“Herschel, the midterms weren’t the red wave we were hoping for, but we think you can win this Tuesday,” Mikey told Kenan’s Herschel. “Yeah, the priority now is getting the vote out because this big runoff is coming up,” Cecile Strongthe sen played. Marsha Blackburna Tennessee Republican then responded.

Kenan Thompson
Kenan in the Georgia election sketch. (ABC)

“Well, I’m good at that. My ex-wives said all I do is run,” chipped in Kenan’s Herschel before discussing Herschel’s close race against Sen. Raphael Warnock.

“This runoff is really important, Herschel. We could really use a win now,” added Mikey’s John. “You can count on me,” Kenan’s Herschel replied. “I came to chew ass and kick gum and I’m out of Gugglebum.”

The actors sit down during the skit. (ABC)

“Maybe in the final push let’s duck down and focus on the message,” said Cicely’s Martha, before Kenan’s Herschel replied again, “Exactly. Just like Kanye.”

Cicely then expressed concern. “No, no!” she exclaimed.

Senators’ concerns about the Republican candidate grew when he then said he would deal with “vampires, werewolves” and “that creepy little geico gecko.” They eventually settled on their Plan B, which proposed James Austin Johnson as a minority leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell Take Herschel to a safe room and lock the door. “It’s only for a few days,” James’ Mitch previously said the show officially launched with the intro credits.

Once the political SNL Aired opening, fans of the show quickly embraced it Twitter to share their thoughts on how “accurate” some of it was. “So good and sadly accurate,” one fan wrote, while another constructively criticized some of the leads in the sketch. “The potential for a great skit is there! Kenan didn’t deliver Walker like he could have done. Everyone focuses on accents [SIC] for kenan it’s lazy. Walker has a heavy, unintelligible Southern accent. That would have straightened out the skit,” the fan shared.

This isn’t the first time Kenan has starred as Herschel and Austin as Mitch. Both played the roles earlier this season during a weekend update Segment. The Saturday episode of SNL was hosted by Keke Palmerwho revealed her pregnancy on the show and was the musical guest SZA.

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