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Can you believe the season finale of The Culpo Sisters is here!? The Culpo family reunites for dinner at their childhood home in Rhode Island, and during the sweet moment, mom Susan decides to pull out an item she found on the sidewalk in New York. In an EXCLUSIVE preview of the December 5 episode, Susan, holding her granddaughter Solei at the dinner table, tells her family, “Guys, I have to show you something I picked out of the trash that everyone wants and will have ask me if I should use it.” Her children and husband respond immediately, asking, “What junk?” and “Whose junk?”

“It was in New York City, I walked, I went to the Whitney Museum and I walked back and it was in a clean box and it was lying clean on the sidewalk,” explains Susan. “So what were you doing when you looked in a clean box on the sidewalk?” asks her husband Peter.

The Culpo Sisters. (Shutterstock)

“It was so obvious. I’ll show you all. Y’all gonna be jealous, y’all are jerks,” she exclaims as she walks to a cupboard under the stairs, while Olivia says her mom “really hit the jackpot with her garbage picking during COVID.”

“Everybody else was like, ‘You know what? I want to stay clean, I want to avoid all germs, I won’t pick up anyone’s trash.’ But mom was fearless!” The model jokes before her mom returns to the room in nothing but a milk carton Halloween costume.

Sophia, Olivia and Aurora Culpo. (Shutterstock)

“Oh no, Mom,” says Olivia, wide-eyed. “Sorry, the easiest Halloween costume ever. You’re all jealous!” Susan laughs. In a moment to the cameras, Sophia Culpo, along with her sisters, reacts to the scene and says: “Our mother has to go into the shower now and burn that thing because it’s disgusting.”

“I’m sorry to say I don’t think that’s the worst thing she’s ever pulled out of the trash,” adds Olivia, while Sophia says, “Or worn.”

“I can tell Aurora really wants it,” says Susan at the dinner table, looking at her eldest. Aurora asks her mom if she washed it, noting that it might have fleas or bed bugs, but Susan is certain it “didn’t need to be washed.” “I’m not worried, that’s all I can tell you,” says Susan, leaving it at that! Ah, family.

Olivia Culpo for Raos. (Courtesy of Raos)

Ahead of the finale, Olivia also spoke to HL in an EXCLUSIVE interview and admitted she was “a little nervous” about what her parents would say on the show ahead of filming. “You just don’t have a filter!” She laughed. “There’s just so much that could go wrong, where do I start!?”

Olivia added that she hopes fans have “found a little bit of themselves in everyone’s storylines on the show.” The former Miss Universe chatted to HL in collaboration with Rao’s Homemade, where she shared her epic recipe for her homemade Chicken Parm Air Fryer Sliders with the brand’s delicious marinara sauce. “I come from a large Italian family. we love food Food is the foundation of everything we do and Rao’s is the closest thing you could ever find to your grandmother’s homemade sauce,” she gushed. Her recipe can now be found on the Rao’s Homemade website for your own home cooking!

The Culpo Sisters wraps up its first season tonight on TLC and Discovery Plus at 9:00 p.m. ET.

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