Skincare trends: These 5 innovations are now revolutionizing our skin care +2023

Skincare 2023
These 5 trends are now revolutionizing our skin care

Skincare 2023: These 5 trends are now revolutionizing our skin care

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From the super active ingredient against pigment spots and acne to the technical tool against wrinkles. We introduce you to the skincare innovations of the year.

The skin is popularly regarded as the mirror of the soul. Too little sleep, stress, worries, poor nutrition and hormonal fluctuations present themselves here on a silver platter. In addition, the hand of the clock does not stand still either: wrinkles and pigment spots appear on the face faster than you can see. Put an end to wrinkling? Finally got a powerful ingredient against nasty acne scars or dark circles under the eyes? The skincare industry does not stand still. In 2023, there will be exciting trends that aim to make everyone feel comfortable in their own skin.

1. Chebula: super active ingredient against wrinkles and blemishes

An exotic name that packs a punch AND has been used medicinally for centuries — especially in Southeast Asia. The Ayurvedic fruit is one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants and is therefore ideal for fighting free radicals. Free radicals that lead to oxidative stress and thus to wrinkles and blemishes. This is exactly where the power of Chebula comes into play. The active ingredient of the plant helps to minimize wrinkles and even out uneven skin tone. With an additional moisture kick, the skin also looks more radiant. Who doesn’t have to cut corners either? People whose skin is prone to impurities. Chebula has an anti-inflammatory effect!

2. Hypochlorous Acid: Nature’s Disinfectant

The weak acid with low pH has powerful antimicrobial properties and is now found in cleansers and serums. When used properly, professionally, it is aggressive to harmful bacteria, disinfects but is still gentle on sensitive skin. It is the drug of choice in creams for acne, eczema and psoriasis. Yes, be careful: this acid has nothing to do with the caustic cleaning products for swimming pools or bathrooms. The active ingredient refers to the contents of the main care products in drugstores and the like. By the way: hypochlorous acid is produced by our white blood cells, which in turn kill bacteria and irritants. The acid is definitely not foreign to the body.

3. Probiotics: For a healthy skin barrier

An even skin is also related to the microbiome, the skin flora. This forms a protective shield and represents the connection between the body and the outside world. Harmful environmental influences are asked to please stay outside. At least if it’s intact. Probiotics can help support the barrier provided by microorganisms such as lactic acid bacteria, bifidobacteria and yeast. They are primarily used for acne, rosacea or sensitive skin as they can help reduce inflammation, balance the skin’s pH value, further strengthen the skin barrier and improve the skin’s moisture supply.

4. Notox treatments: devices for the home

Youthful, radiant skin: Sometimes Botox is the drug of choice for longer-term success. Yes, injections are real facial procedures — they involve risk, time, and expense. The ravages of time are now stopped with “Notox”. Sounds like Botox, but it’s not. In fact, they are optimizations based on powerful and cutting-edge anti-aging technologies that users can use from the comfort of their own homes. These include nanocurrent massagers, which tighten and sculpt facial muscles — as well as at-home microneedle therapies, which are popular for treating minor scars. On the rise: LED masks with near-infrared. They stimulate blood circulation and promote collagen formation, which should lead to a firmer complexion.

5. Holistic: Skincare for the lymph

What if your own skin care also did something for the lymph? Iraye is a pioneer and has launched a topical skin cream that not only smoothes out fine lines, but also targets the skin’s lymphatic system. This is responsible for the health of the skin and thus the realization of one’s own radiance. The Lymphactive-Complex boosts the skin’s natural detoxification system and is said to eliminate harmful impurities, reduce inflammation and slow down the breakdown of elastin and collagen. The effect on the outside is also achieved by working from the inside – clever!


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