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You don’t need much for the right skincare routine. What exactly and in what order, we will now show you.

When we free our skin from the traces of everyday life in the evening and prepare it in the morning, we all have our own process. But with a proper skincare routine, you can do so much more for your skin besides getting rid of dirt! Instead of just cleansing gel, facial tonic and cream, there are other cosmetic products that can help you with your skin as radiant as possible to do – and before prevent premature skin agingand very easily!

This is how you build your skincare routine

Step-by-step instructions for mornings

Step 1: Cleanser

Not only in the evening should you cover your face with a cleaning foam, oil or gel, but also in the morning. This is because your skin naturally becomes greasy overnight – especially if you have applied a rich care product in the evening, it can become greasy a light greasy film in the morning formed on your skin. So that you can wash it off properly to apply your morning care effectively, it is best to use one mild cleaning. This can be a foam, but also a gentle one cleansing milk. wear them approx. 40 seconds in circular motions and then wash your face with lukewarm water.

Skin Type: All

Step 2: Toners

Next comes this facial tonic. In addition to the cleanser, it also helps to cleanse your skin and supplies them with sufficient materialsto nurture them and prepare them for the steps ahead.

Skin Type: All

Step 3: Eye Cream

Before you apply your face cream, it’s your turn around the eyes. Because to take action against wrinkles, which are usually caused by dryness under the eyes, you shouldn’t look at yours in the morning either eye cream waive. It’s best to choose one here light texture with hyaluronic acidwhich absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy shine.

Skin Type: All

Step 4: Face Cream

Now comes the facial care to protect the skin barrier from the influences of everyday life. That’s what you vote for in the morning a something lighter creamthan in the evening, since sun protection is then applied. However, some creams already contain an SPF, in which case you do not need to use additional sunscreen.

Share one almond-sized amount of the moisturizer on your face and massage it in gently.

Skin Type: All

Step 5: Sunscreen

You close your skin care with that sun protection off, because the you should always usewhen you walk out the door. This is because the UV-A rays, which are invisible to us, get through any cloud cover and then attack our skin’s collagen reserves. The result is wrinkles. To avoid that – and skin diseases like skin cancer – is a sunscreen essential for the morning routine. Here you can choose between mineraland chemical sun protection factors Select. Chemicals penetrate the skin and act against harmful UV rays there by absorbing sunlight and converting it into heat – but they are therefore rather unsuitable for people with impure skin or acne. Mineral sun protection, on the other hand, lies on your skin like a breathable film and reflects the sunlight.

Skin Type: All!

Step-by-step instructions for the evening

Step 1: Cleanser

The day is behind you and you just want to clean your face, take care of it and throw yourself into comfortable clothes to spend the evening on the couch or in bed? Then start with a cleanser. people with dry, mature and normal skin can best on a cleaning oil which is particularly effective in removing any dirt and make-up residue from the skin. When it comes into contact with water, it foams slightly. In this case it’s worth it Double cleansingin which the cleansing oil is followed by a cleansing foam or gel.

Do you have oily or blemish-prone skinthen we recommend one for your skincare routine mild cleansing foamwhich you apply for at least 40 seconds and then wash off with lukewarm water.

Skin Type: All

Step 2: Exfoliate

A scrub 2 to 3 times a week is useful for every skin type, but especially for oily skin and acne sufferers. Because of its gentle ingredients is special here AHA or BHA as a scrub the best. AHA has a superficial effect and gently removes dead skin cells, but at the same time provides your skin with sufficient moisture. BHA penetrates your skin and works at the beginning of the pores. There the dirt and bacteria are gently removed and carried upwards so that no inflammation can develop.

A peeling with small or coarser particles is definitely not recommended. They tear open your skin barrier and cause redness and inflammation. But not only oily skin benefits from an AHA or BHA peeling. Just AHA is for mature and dry skin the optimal substance to cleanse and care for the skin at the same time.

Skin Type: All

Step 3: Toners

After cleansing and peeling follows toner. Here, too, the facial tonic acts as a cleaning and care product during your skincare routine and helps to protect your natural skin barrier.

Skin Type: All

Step 4: Serum

A serum is a blessing for the skin, because with its respective ingredients it can against various problems such as acne, blackheads or wrinkles. The most popular are serums containing vitamins A, B, C and E – all of which are helpful in maintaining your youth and regenerating your skin.

Wear the serum after cleansing Every day on your face on and massage it in gently. You will only need a few drops. After applying the serum wait at least 5 minutesuntil you continue with your skincare routine to allow the ingredients to work properly.

Skin Type: All

We recommend these serums:

Step 5: Eye Cream

Now comes the eye care, because after your eyes have been made up with concealer, kajal, eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara, the thin skin in this area is happy about one comprehensive care. Use a raindrop as a guide for the amount of cream – nothing more will be necessary. Wear the moisturizer now with circular movements to open your eyes Move your fingers with the cream in circles from the inside to the outside for about 20 seconds. So you can treat yourself to a little massage after a hard day at work or with your family.

Skin Type: All

Step 6: Night Cream / Mask

Then follows the night cream, after the serum has had enough exposure time. Choose something for the evening more powerful carewhich offers relaxation to your face and helps yours protect skin barrierso that no moisture is lost. Because without them, wrinkles can form quickly. Here, too, you can give yourself a little massage on your face and work the moisturizer into your skin with gentle pressure.

Alternatively you can all One 2 to 3 times a week mask Apply and leave on for 10 minutes. Then you can do without the face cream.

Skin Type: All

Step 7: Face Oil

On facial oil is ideal as a finish for dry and mature skin. Especially in the cooler months, it provides your epidermis with sufficient care and helps against dry or even rough skin areas. use a few drops of the oil after the entire skincare routine to wake up the next morning with a velvety soft skin feeling. Oily and blemish-prone skin should not be cared for with an additional oil, as it could have the opposite effect and clog the pores.

Skin type: Dry and mature skin

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