Skin icing: the latest trend for a healthy glow

Skin icing: the latest trend for a healthy glow +2023

skin icing This new trend promises us the ultimate glow, bet?!

Skin Icing: This new trend promises us the ultimate glow, bet?!

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A skin that always looks fresh and glowy – and that easily from home? This is exactly what the trend skin icing promises.

We have already heard a lot about the positive effect of the cold shock on our skin. From cooling eye gels with a decongestant effect to freezing in the cold chamber, the cold tightens the skin and the body burns fat.

But skin icing can do even more: it should wake up the skin and give it new radiance. But how exactly does the trend work and what does it really do? The secret of skin icing is ice cubes or cooling toolsthat we can use to care for the skin.

Skin icing with ice cubes

After the first short cold shock, the skin gets used to the temperature and we can massage the ice cubes into the previously cleaned skin with circular movements. It’s best to keep doing this until the one-cube has melted or until we’ve had enough of the cold. The cooling effect makes the pores look smaller, swelling on the face goes down, contours look lifted and the skin gets a healthy glow – like fresh from a winter walk.

Skin icing with tools

American influencer and skincare expert Jade Marie recommends thoroughly cleansing your face before the icing treatment. On an extensive skincare day, we also apply a face mask – ideally, of course, with a moisturizing effect. After the skin icing, the face should be dried carefully, then we treat the skin with our favorite serum and an intensive one eye care.

If you want to integrate the skin icing trend into your everyday life, cooling tools that can be reused are suitable. The skincare expert also uses ice balls (also known as ice globes) for her treatments, which saves you from the annoying dripping of the ice cubes.

The balls make skin icing a very easy DIY hack for at home. They can simply be washed off after each use and then stored in the fridge again. That means for us: Now nothing stands in the way of radiant skin!

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