Skin hangover: This is how you bring your skin back into shape

Skin hangover: This is how you bring your skin back into shape +2023

Skin hangover The quick guide to revitalizing your skin

Skin Hangover: The quick guide to revitalizing your skin

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The party month of December is over. Can you see that on your skin? Then we have the optimal battle plan here!

Partyed, drunk and danced too much? Do we know! Especially in December we don’t say no to a third mulled wine and an extra helping of food. And that’s perfectly legitimate too. But after all the celebrations (especially New Year’s Eve) there is often a rude awakening – a skin hangover.

We all know the classic hangover – a hangover from too much alcohol. This includes the typical symptoms such as headaches, nausea or tiredness. In the case of a skin hangover, the symptoms are mainly expressed on our face. You’ve probably had redness, blemishes or a puffy face the next day.

If you can answer that with a “yes”, then you should write now. Because like a classic hangover, a skin hangover also needs the perfect anti-hangover program. And it goes like this:

Water march!

Alcohol dehydrates the skin. That means we have to replenish our body’s stores. It’s best to do this during the party and drink a glass of water between each drink. The following day, you should continue to drink plenty of water or unsweetened tea. Because the longer you are dehydrated, the longer the physical symptoms such as headaches will remain.

Double cleansing

If the night was longer than planned, then you sometimes miss your own make-up removal routine or make a slimmed-down version. And let’s be honest, with a little Prosecco intus the eye shadow can no longer be seen so well. In order to thoroughly remove residues from everything the next morning, you should cleanse your face with the double cleansing method. First you use an oil-based cleanser, which ensures that oil, make-up residue and dirt are removed. Then you can apply a nourishing cleanser. If you’re prone to breakouts, use an anti-inflammatory product. If you tend to have dry skin, it is better to use a moisturizing cleanser.

Face Roller

Puffy under-eye circles and a puffy face can’t be fixed in two minutes, but a facial massage can at least lay a good foundation. With so-called facial globes or face rollers, you can cool the skin and stimulate the lymph flow at the same time.

Ampoule cure or facial treatment

Once you’ve done these three steps, you’ll be clean and refreshed, but you won’t look completely radiant. Vitamin ampoules or illuminating serums make the skin at least visually radiate. If you still want to do something good for your skin, then book an appointment for a facial treatment as soon as possible – at the latest this will ensure that your skin feels like new. And you’re guaranteed to feel the same way afterwards!

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