Sienna Miller’s hair color that better supports root growth than blonde and looks natural +2023

This autumn there are many trending hair tones who succeed in hairdressing but everything indicates that the total success when it comes to Change of look is the one that looks now Sienna Millera tone of copper hair who is one of those who best withstand the root growth against blondes and at the same time, it looks very natural and puts good face because brings light and warmth both to the people of olive skin like those of clear skin and is most versatile.

In addition, it is not a flat color, but rather a shade degraded in the copper range that provides depth to the hair and is very easy to maintain. Of course, to preserve the color, the hydration with conditioner Y face mask will be fundamental because they become a essential routine when it comes to maintaining the tone and looking bright.

Why is copper hair so flattering?

Sienna Miller with her new auburn hair color.

Sienna Miller with her new auburn hair color.GTres Online.

as he tells us eduardo sanchezdirector of the Maison Eduardo Sanchezcopper highlights the features and the skin tone and the eyes modulating its intensity in the same way as blondes and another trick when wearing it is adding touches of light with balayage highlights without changing the natural tone of the base of the mane. “To achieve this, reflections made with a brush and freehand are used in mediums and tips to achieve greater volume and movement”, details Eduardo Sánchez.

And thecopper tones are of those who most favor because you can play with them, from the most orange to walnut tones and they always look good. Of course, it is also essential so that the color does not fade to use hair products with sun protection even in winter and of course, not Wash the hair in excess so that the tone does not lose intensity, although if it happens to us, we can update it with a shampoo specific for this type of tones.

Natural copper without root effect

Sienna Miller's copper better supports the growth of the ra

Sienna Miller’s copper resists root growth better than blonde and is also very natural.GTres Online.

Copper tones and those darker than blondes usually need fewer repetitions when it comes to retouching them at the hairdresser and, as he assures us, Luis Miguel Neighbormaster colorist of coolday“they hold up better over time and create less roots, with which the wear of the hair fiber is much less, this together with the fact that the dye It is usually worked at less volumes, they will always help to obtain healthier and shinier hair”.

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