Shorter and with streaks that frame the face, this is how Jennifer Aniston has transformed her long hair Rachel +2023

Jennifer Aniston he always gives us his best hair tricks and also offers us the best makeovers. From their new cuts to new hair colors, they never stop inspiring us every season. And this autumn, it was not going to be less. the protagonist of The Morning Show just released one new mane a little shorter at the clavicle and with some face framing highlights that frame the face transforming its appearance. iconic lookRachel.

Jennifer Aniston’s highlights

Jennifer Aniston with her new highlights face framing on the set of "The Morning Show".

Jennifer Aniston with her new face framing highlights on the set of “The Morning Show.”GTres Online.

The wicks have evolved even more and reproduce the effect of the sun’s rays, bringing more luminosity and life to the hair. And in that sense, Jennifer Aniston has chosen to launch the autumn season some highlights that frame his face or face framing that also remind us of those worn in the 90’s to give your hair more light and accentuate your skin tone by putting on a good face.

Customizable face framing highlights

The good of the wicks face framing is that they can be melted or mixed with babylights or sunlights to complement the style we want, with more or less intensity of blonde tones in the hair. “These highlights are worn lighter around the face than in the rest of the hair and provide freshness as well as combining darker strands with other lighter ones to give more density to hair. Also, mixing strands of your base color with gray and vanilla highlights with other honey are a great way to hide gray hairreducing its maintenance while creating an interesting game of chiaroscuro that gives it dimension”, explains raquel saizof blue room.

A variant of balayage highlights

Face framing highlights are very similar to balayage and are actually a version that give hair much more life and dimension. And they can be applied on both sides of the face from root to tip to achieve a more or less marked result. And they are suitable for all types of hair.

A trending clavicut haircut

With a mane m

With shorter hair, Jennifer Aniston opts for the clavicut haircut that is sweeping this season.GTres Online.

When it comes to combining the face framing wicks, Jennifer Aniston chooses a clavicut haircut that is ideal for those women who do not quite decide on short hair but do not want long hair that ruins the ends either. Surely a haircut very versatile and at the same time with a very manageable length and ideal for let it air dry and get good results and you don’t need to go to the salon anytime soon to touch it up, as a little longer looks good too.

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