Shop for Addams’ plaid sweater vests on Wednesday +2023

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If you suddenly feel the urge to dress all black after Wednesday, you’re not alone. The supernatural Netflix series has viewers dying to emulate Wednesday Addams’ (Jenna Ortega) dark wardrobe, with the title character’s plaid sweater vests in particular provoking online outfit envy.

During season one, Wednesday hunts the elusive Hyde monster in several black-and-white plaid vests, including a casual V-neck worn over a black turtleneck in episode seven and a slightly oversized style with bold black stripes, worn with a white button-down and cropped black jacket in episode five. Thanks to observant outfit sleuths, we know that costume co-designer Mark Sutherland handmade the first by Zara and the second by a knitwear designer Alice Morell Evans Commissioned by a British menswear designer John Alexander skeleton.

With Wednesday’s onscreen vests no longer available online, some ardent Wednesday fans have taken it upon themselves to crochet look-alikes from scratch, with some even sharing exact patterns to copy. TikTok and YouTube are currently being inundated with videos of creators professing their love for Wednesday style while crocheting their copycat knitwear. Talk about devotion.

If crocheting isn’t your thing, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered in some of the best plaid sweater dupes the internet has to offer. After checking out the latest TikTok videos about Wednesday’s fancy clothes, shop our picks ahead of time.

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