“She did it” – Twitter can’t stop gushing that Meghan Markle won the People’s Choice Award +2023

After a busy, criticism-ridden November, December looks to be Sussex month. After sharp controversy, the frost has brought a series of prestigious events all dedicated to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. No sooner had the pair landed in New York in their classically chic look than they took home a prestigious archetype award overnight. The fans naturally lost their composure to cheer for the pair for their double wins.

in the midst of them win the prestigious Ripple of Hope Award at the Robert F. Kennedy Foundation, Meghan Markle secured another win at the People’s Choice Awards under her name. A few hours ago, EOnline have garnered a host of well-deserved winners in their respective categories. Fans are thrilled to see Meghan Markle’s Archetypes as 2022 Pop Podcast Winners.

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Twitter bursts with joy as Meghan Markle brings home the Award for Archetypes

The same Twitterattis who once slammed the Duchess for her controversial remarks gloated over her victory at the prestigious awards show. Many have sent their warmest congratulations to the Duchess. Others sing their praises for their stance on uplifting women oppressed by a chauvinist society. Since leaving the Palace, the mother of two has been actively involved in organizing communities and campaigns. All focused on rebuilding a better world for women.

She did!‘ fans wrote, highlighting her final words at the end of the podcast. Other users have reached out to the royal family directly. They shot her and reminded her how Markle had won, although they tried their best to hold it back. Other users criticized the DailyMail, Britain’s regular publishing house, which singles out the Royals Experts and their hate comments.

Nonetheless, commenters with an ax to grind with Markle haven’t held back from throwing in their hate comments.

This time, however, the estimated crowd’s symphony is the loudest. Her record-breaking closing lines in the latest episode of archetypes with Trevor Noah have won some brave and optimistic hearts around the world. At the New York Gala, the couple received the Ripple of Hope Awards. The award ceremony marked her lifelong commitment to “Building strong and just communities“.

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What do you think of Markle’s victory? Are you looking forward to them as much as we are? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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