Seven ways to combine a gray coat (in a groundbreaking way) that show that it is a classic that will never go out of style +2023

If we have a gray coat on hand, we have everything. A wardrobe staple par excellence, this type of design becomes the cornerstone of an elegant, contemporary and highly versatile style. In addition, he is capable of adapting to all situations that come his way. Street style knows it and teaches us in the best way: in the form of seven outfits that want to shed light and inspiration on our daily lives.

By way of total look to go to the office

The outfits of business woman we like them, especially if they are accompanied by a monocolor finish and a masculine touch. In the form of two pieces with straight lines, this jacket becomes the best companion -a kind of icing on the cake-. Elegance in its purest form.

Combine Gray Coat 02

With shorts, original stockings and rough-soled boots

They say that opposites attract and looks full of contrast always triumph in street style. Combining leather shorts, stockings with original motifs and thick-soled ankle boots; the gray coat will become the perfect garment to combine all the styles and create a single one. In this case, the coat piece becomes the perfect canvas to create a striking (and beautiful) harmony.

Combine Gray Coat 03

With sweatpants (yes, you can)

The tracksuit proved its versatility during the confinement period, and since then, fashionable girls have shown us a thousand ways to adapt it to everyday life. Its power of combination is such that we can even create a chic look with this type of pants, a simple white tank top, high heels and a gray coat. The choice of a great accessory around the neck breaks with everything and adds (more) originality.

Combine Gray Coat 04

The perfect base for an elegant and very feminine look

The gray coat is perfect for achieving an elegant look capable of adapting to each season -regardless of current trends-. With a white blouse and high-heeled shoes we will achieve a feminine and current outfit that will never last over the years.

Combine Gray Coat 05

With a outfits partying

In winter we also have black-tie events, however, the choice of a warm garment can transform the final look. The gray coat has proven to blend in with any garment and style, so much so that it becomes the perfect base to wear with a mini-dress and knee-high boots with a bling bling effect.

Combine Gray Coat 06

Mix of styles (but without changing colors)

The variety of styles in the same outfit is cool, but the result improves if we do it by opting for the same tonality. With cargo or wide leg style pants, a corset and a coat with a masculine air, it can make us the most stylish of the season. Word of street style (and Tiffany Hsu).

Combine Gray Coat 07

Contrasting with full color garments

Although at first glance we may think that the color gray is classic -and sometimes borders on boring-, this tone is more versatile than it may seem at first glance. In this way, this type of coat piece is the perfect base to combine with full-color designs such as fuchsia pink or turquoise blue.

Combine Gray Coat 08

Photos | IMaxTree, Instagram @chiaraferragni, vintage collage

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