Seven black Geox feathers ideal to face the polar cold

Seven black Geox feathers ideal to face the polar cold +2023

The polar cold has arrived and down jackets have become our best allies to face low temperatures. And the black models are the most versatile and the ones that best combine with all kinds of looks, un basic that never fails in our closet.

Geox, in addition to having the most comfortable and versatile boots, also has down jackets and are pretty, warm and trendy. Padded options perfect for dealing with low temperatures or rainy and snowy days in the case of waterproof options.

Hunter not only has wellies: these feathers show us, perfect for the coldest days

We propose you different options of black down, which allow us to resist low temperatures, striking models with trendy cuts with which you will look very warm and easy to combine. Short and long models that are a real crush, ideal to wear daily.

If we had to choose one of the most timeless and functional garments, we would choose down jackets as one of them. A key piece of our wardrobe that reinvents itself year after year thanks to its versatility, adapting perfectly to all styles. looks. And we are left with these seven black down jackets from Geox that are going to make you crazy.

Geox Feathers 2

Black padded feathers with a hood and length above the knee.

Long padded women’s parka with hood, ideal to use when temperatures drop.

Geox Feathers 5

Short padded black feathers with fur collar.

Women’s mid-length padded down jacket with a protective collar and lined with synthetic fur.

Geox Feathers 1

Short oversize black padded jacket with hood. A trend model.

Padded women’s jacket with hood, designed for the coldest days.

Geox Feathers 3

Short padded black feathers with hood and high collar.

Long padded women’s jacket with a protective hood, ideal for rainy days.

Geox Feathers 7

Black padded feathers with a very high collar and length above the knee. A trendy design that is sweeping the Instagram.

Women’s long padded parka with an enveloping hood, ideal for use in cold temperatures.

Geox Feathers 6

Black padded feathers with hood and fur, above the knee length.

Long padded women’s jacket, with maxi hood edged with faux fur.

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