Self-confidence: Why we shine when we stand by ourselves +2023

Why we shine when we stand by ourselves

Self-confidence: Why we shine when we stand by ourselves

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Anyone who follows every trend is basic, whoever sticks to the old is modernizing… Sometimes it’s difficult to remain self-confident when choosing clothes. We reveal why we start to shine as soon as we stand by ourselves and wear what we want.

by Alenka Jepsen

Social media can be pretty brutal – even unconsciously. Body shapes are trending, everyone looks great and somehow we’re always being drummed into what we’re doing wrong and need to change urgently. How we have to dress or do our make-up, what’s no-go right now and what all stylish people are wearing now. New trends are constantly emerging, more recommendations and tips, that one product that will change our lives – even if that product changes every day?!

We rarely question the substance behind what we see. We always think that we are not affected by it, but today it is almost imperative not to be influenced by social networks. This is due to the fact that they have become so integrated into our everyday life that their permanent sensory overload has become normal for us. So how are we not to become vulnerable? Trends are constantly changing, but what remains is our personality and our individuality. With all the fast pace, it’s not always easy to be satisfied with yourself. And don’t doubt yourself.

Not following every trend is trendy – isn’t it?

And with all this coming and going, the only thing we can really do wrong is not listening to ourselves. It is much more about the fact that we personally decide which trend we want to follow or not. And the realization that neither of the two is bad! Not chasing after every trend shows self-confidence. And risking a new one, if you want to, just like that. Self-confidence is much more about standing by ourselves and trusting ourselves.

Skinny jeans are the perfect example. While we wore them every day five years ago, they are now considered outdated and wither away in the depths of some closets… They are proof of how the fashion world is moving – and moving back. So why not rise above it and stay true to your own taste by doing without? As a result, when something makes a comeback that we haven’t stopped wearing in the first place, we can even say, “Hey, I’ve worn it before!”.

Self-confidence through self-love

We are always told what we are doing wrong, no matter what we do. We should remind ourselves of this fact much more often, because it is just another reason why we should detach ourselves from the outside much more and listen to our inner being. We’ll never be able to please everyone anyway, so why not just do what makes us happy and please ourselves?

My realization: It’s about me

As a teenager, I was always afraid to dress the way I wanted to. As I got older, I found fun buying flashy clothes and realized that if I just wear what I feel like wearing, it makes me feel better, no matter how much outside comment there is. When I look at old pictures of myself today, questions like: “How did I walk around? How could I go out like that? What was I thinking?” often buzz in my head.

In that moment I felt great. And that’s exactly what it should be about.

Fashion should be fun. Styling yourself should be fun, or not. The main thing is that we wear what we feel good in and free ourselves from constraints. The best thing you can wear is anything you wear with confidence. Anything that makes you feel good and beautiful. Incidentally, this also applies to every other area of ​​life, not just fashion. Standing by yourself is good and healthy. And we should do it a lot more!


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