Selena Gomez channels Wednesday’s Enid Sinclair with new rainbow hair – Watch video +2023

Selena Gomez, is that you? The actor and Rare beauty The founder just debuted a new one with pastel rainbow hair tick tock video and she is looking for a a lot of like a lover Wednesday Character.

Selena shared the short video standing in what she thought was a bathroom in a light blue satin shirt and light wash jeans. In the clip, we see her trying to dry the rainbow hair under the hand dryer ā€” or maybe just freshen up her bangs with a quick bang! “You gotta do what you gotta do,” Sel captioned the video. (Note this trick in case we ever need it!)

But back to hair color. Light platinum blonde Selena wears pink, neon orange, yellow and lavender streaks in the video. It’s a fun (and shocking) change for the singer, and it goes almost perfectly with her Skittles nails. It’s also a very Similar style to Wednesday’s BFF Enid Sinclair (played by Emma Myers), who plays sports for most of the hit’s first season Netflix Series.

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Selena’s color is much lighter than Enid’s, but the student at Nevermore Academy and Only murders in the building Star’s hairstyles share a few similarities ā€“ including the length, the light blonde base color, and the pastel and rainbow strands. (Selena even turned a little blue, just like this throwback Teen Vogue Party video she parodied last summer!)

We’re 90% positive that Selena is wearing a wig and hasn’t changed her color dramatically, but it begs the question: what could the rainbow hair be? to the? Is Selena just having fun making silly videos, or is she working on a secret project for Rare or a new role ā€” or even a music project? Or did she just look at everything Wednesday Season one and get inspired to channel your inner werewolf? We’re not entirely sure what the vibrant color is all about, but we love it!

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