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Scott Disick39 and Kimberly Stewart43, have been a couple since August and the good news is their daughters Penelope Disick10 and Delilah del Torro, 11, totally “get along”. A source close to the couple tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY “Kimberly and Scott have managed to keep their relationship out of the spotlight, and it’s been incredibly refreshing for both of them. They like their personal lives to be private, and they’ve been friends for so long that it all developed so organically and beautifully. They’re not sure where their future is going, but they love each other very much. Kimberly‘s daughter Delilah gets along well with Scott’s daughter Penelope, just as she does with his two boys.”

Scott Disick, Kimberly Stewart
Kimberly Stewart and Scott Disick have been secretly hanging out since August, and their daughters have become friends. (GP / MEGA /

Not only are their families a good match, they also have compatible professional interests. “Kimberly and Scott also support each other in their careers and they have found that they share similar interests as Scott is very interested in real estate and ownership Kimberly‘s company focuses on real estate interior makeovers,” added the insider, noting that the daughter of Rod Stewart has her own luxury real estate curation firm called The Empire. “They will continue to allow things to develop organically between them and Kimberly is happy with where things are at the moment.”

The two haven’t aired their romance — with good reason. “They don’t want to fire her up, but everyone knows they’re together and things have been going well,” added a second source. “They spend a lot of time together but Scott is pretty clear he’s not ready for a big commitment and that seems to be working for them, he’s in a great place.”

Kimberly, who shares daughter Delilah with her ex Benicio del ToroShe was close to Scott’s ex, Kourtney Kardashian, 43, as they both attended Buckley School together over 20 years ago. And how HollywoodLife As previously reported, the Lemme founder has given the couple her seal of approval.

Kimberly Stewart Scott Disick
Kimberly Stewart and Scott Disick have been friends for years. (splashnews/MEGA)

“Kourtney has known Kimberly for many years and she actually thinks this would be a good match for Scott,” a source close to the fashion designer previously shared. As fans know, Kourtney was friends with her husband. Travis Barker, 46, for years before they started dating. “Kourtney knows how true love can come from friendships because she is living proof of that. Being friends with Travis gave them such a strong foundation,” the source added.

“Kourtney thinks this is good for Scott because she knows Scott so well. She knows Kimberly is a good person and an excellent mother,” the source said, adding, “Apart from that, Kourtney actually thinks they look really cute together and complement each other.”

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