Scarf Hack: How to tie your scarf like a rose

Scarf Hack: How to tie your scarf like a rose +2023

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This is how you tie your scarf into a rose

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The fashion and beauty news of the day in the BRIGITTE ticker: How to tie your scarf like a rose.

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May 25, 2023

Scarf Hack: This is how you give your scarf a stylish upgrade

Shawls are the perfect accessories, especially in spring and summer, and at the same time a great alternative to necklaces. Colorful scarves in particular can give simple outfits an extra portion of colour. But often there is a lack of inspiration as to how best to fold the small piece of fabric so that it looks stylish and ideally still matches the outfit. We have the perfect solution for this problem. Forget boring tying techniques, because here we show you which technique you can use to tie your scarf into a rose.

Roses are currently the trend of the fashion scene! Admittedly, bringing the trend into your own wardrobe with a scarf probably takes more than one attempt, but with a little practice you can also master the unusual binding technique. First you knot your scarf together at two ends and let it hang straight down. Then you pull one end through the large loop and wrap the other end once around the pulled-through tip. Then you knot the two ends again and pull them together to the desired size. Adjust it a bit and voilà – apart from the two long ends, you can now combine your self-created rose choker as you wish.

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