Satin Skirt: With this TikTok trick, we’ll wear it three ways +2023

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We now wear satin skirts in three different ways

Satin skirts are also popular among fashion week guests.

Satin skirts are also popular among fashion week guests.

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The fashion and beauty news of the day in the BRIGITTE ticker: Satin skirts: It’s that easy to cut them to three different lengths. +++ These three-dimensional flowers are not only worn by the Oscar stars.

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March 14, 2023

This hack turns our satin skirt into a styling all-rounder

Satin skirts are elegant and cool at the same time and, above all, make the upcoming spring a fashionable affair. The long models are particularly versatile and can also be worn as stylish midis or minis with simple tricks, as various TikTokers are now showing.

If you grab some of the fabric on the side, midway up the maxi skirt, and pull it up to the waistband, you get a slightly asymmetrical midi-length cut. For more hold, secure the spot from the inside with a safety pin. The ruffled detail on the waistband easily turns the simple model into a statement piece. If you want it a little shorter for a party in the evening, but still want it to be at least as elegant, you can repeat the step on the other side. The waterfall layer in the front gives the new piece a portion of extra chic.

March 13, 2023

This isn’t just the hottest accessory trend at the Oscars…

The stars and starlets not only shine in their looks for the Oscars 2023, but, yes, also bloom. Her opulent robes have a statement accessory that gives her looks a sexy and playfully glamorous component. Cara Delevingne, Halle Berry or Nicole Kidman: they all perform three-dimensional flowers made of fabric. And, the rose trend of the Oscars has also arrived at TikTok.

Nicole Kidman with glitter rose applique at the Oscars 2023

Nicole Kidman with glitter rose applique at the Oscars 2023

© Angela Weiss/Getty Images

It doesn’t matter whether it’s an XXL flower in the form of a chain pendant, as an eye-catching brooch, as an it-piece on the belt or even as a statement top. The floral trend is really popular on the video platform as well as on Instagram and is looking good, also with a view to the coming spring. But where can you find the new accessory trend? The label Lemon Lua Jewelery, but also Zara has accessories with the coveted blossoms. So the red carpet look is definitely suitable for everyday use and affordable for everyone.

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