Sara Carbonero’s new bangs: very open and very long, new hair trend? +2023

The bangs We love them, but many times we avoid doing them for fear that they look bad or uncomfortable for our day to day. For this reason, Sara Carbonero’s has caught our attention, a fringe that looks great as a complement to long hair because brings movement and also allows you change of looks in the easiest way.

Therefore, if you are tired of your usual long hair, heal your tips and bet on this trendy bangs that you can wear straight or slightly wavy.

The bangs of Sara Carbonero that you will want to copy

The hair of Sarah Carbonero It is one of the most inspiring, the journalist also knows how to take care of it and how take advantage of to keep that perfect length forever. It is not easy to make hair as long as yours always look beautiful, and for this reason, bet on the hairstyles and cuts that are most flattering.

And Sara Carbonero does what we usually do to the back from vacation: go to the hairdresser to cut the hair, tone the color or give it a plus of hydration. And as she demonstrates, it is not necessary to cut the hair excessively many times, but to clean the ends and maintain the length as the journalist shows.

Our advice? Go to your trusted hairdresser and get advice on the bangs that best suit you. And when it comes to getting inspired, all you have to do is look at Sara Carbonero, Blanca Suárez and others celebrities with bangs, the fashionable cut and we will continue to see them in all its versions. So why dare to take the step?

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