Ryan Reynolds is a marketing genius and the NHL knows it +2023

If you thought Ryan Reynolds buying Wrexham FC was a beautiful story despite the hurdles he faced, then you haven’t heard about his affair with the Ottawa Senators. That Dead Pool The actor confessed that he wanted to buy out the hockey club The Tonight Show with host Jimmy Fallon and days later attended their game at the Canadian Tire Center, where he received a standing ovation.

Reynolds’ connection to Ottawa dates back to his childhood. Though he joked about needing a “sugar daddy” and a “sugar mummy” to complete the love story, it looks like the NHL is already on the way.

The NHL has a non-disclosure agreement with Ryan Reynolds

The Canadian actor has spoken out on numerous occasions about giving back to his country. And buying one of his most popular teams is definitely the way to go about it. Although the fans thought that the Dead Pool The actor may have given up on buying more sports clubs as his wife was upset with the $2 million purchase, Reynolds has other plans. After the actor expressed his desire to invest in the Ottawa Senators, Canadians, particularly the NHL team, were particularly excited.

Firstly, because that meant more exposure for the entire club, and secondly, an ingenious sports documentary after buying the club identical Welcome to Wrexham.

According to Bruce Garrioch, Commissioner Gary Bettman and Deputy Bill Daly are pulling all the strings to ensure Reynolds gets his share of Ottawa Senators’ property report. The NHL lets bidders know they want that free guy actor to be a minority partner. Basically, the NHL is looking for a “sugar daddy” or a “sugar mommy” for Reynolds. The actor attended the games with some bankers, which only added to the excitement.

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And given that even the NHL isn’t above acknowledging the obvious fact that they can’t bring in the same amount of viewers as Reynolds, the deal is already considered by many to be a done deal.

The plan is to have Reynolds as a minority owner and get more people to see like the Ottawa senators. How it’s going, their struggles and what motivates them all is documented in a wonderful series with maximum effort from the actor.

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